ASB Polyfest

ASB Polyfest ’07 Saturday, April 28, 10.00am

ASB Polyfest ’07 kicks off this week and features all the action from the Maori stage.

Culture, Krumping and coconut buns. The annual Polyfest dance extravaganza brings together the flavours of the Pacific like never before. 100,000 people, five stages and more than 60 competing schools make up this cultural mecca that is the biggest dance festival of its kind in the world. It’s the ultimate meeting place of Pacific culture that sometimes becomes a pressure cooker as 60 schools compete for the top trophies. The ASB Polyfest ’07 series looks at the action and the behind the scenes trials and tribulations of the five stages – Maori, Niue, Tonga, Cook Islands and Samoa.
Fresh and funky local talent like Tau Manukia from Spacifix, and rising hip hop star Hamocane, take viewers on a journey to their home islands as they explore the cultures from each stage. The series involves 45 crew on the two-day shoot in order to capture the essence of youth culture, South Auckland style.

Host Alpha Maiava says the series was an opportunity to witness some of the most innovative and dynamic dance forms in Polynesia. “It was awesome seeing all the really cool new moves that show you have to be constantly evolving,” Alpha says.

Director Mario Gaoa went behind the scenes to explore the blood, sweat and effort that it took to get the dances to the stages at Polyfest ’07. “Just because we rock, doesn’t mean we’re made of stone,” he says.

On this week’s first episode of Polyfest ’07, presenter Helen Crown takes viewers to the Maori stage of Polyfest where the innovative choreography of some of the best kapahaka school groups in the country is on display. The annual event is the biggest dance festival of its kind in the world – it is So You Think You Can Dance? – island style.

ASB Polyfest ’07 screens Saturdays on TV2 at 10.00am