Ashes to Ashes

UKTV – Tuesdays from 27 September, 9.20pm

You’ve seen how it all ends but relive the 80s with more eyeliner, big hair and of course, more Quattro action. Series two kicks off in 1982 where leg warmers are cool, fluorescent is the colour of choice, Margaret Thatcher is in her element and bullish DCI Gene Hunt is back, policing the streets in his politically incorrect and loud-mouthed style. Sassy Alex Drake, whom Hunt shares a fiery working relationship with, is by his side, desperately trying to keep him in line. Though no nearer to getting back to her daughter, Alex believes she is suspended in time and finally understands how the world around her works. But, when she starts hearing news from 2008, she realises nothing is as it seems.

UKTV – Tuesdays from 25 January, 9.20pm

It’s time to get your shoulder pads out of storage, start crimping your hair and get into the Eighties mood for the very last time… as this multi-award-winning drama returns for its highly anticipated finale.

Series Two of Ashes to Ashes ended on a cliff-hanger, with Gene Hunt accidentally shooting Detective Inspector Alex Drake, the delightful thorn in his derriere. Ever since, fans have been agog to know whether Alex has survived and, with everyone thinking he shot her deliberately, how will Hunt dig himself out of that hole?

Series Three finally unravels many of the mysteries from the previous two series of Ashes, as well as those first experienced by the initial time-travelling copper, Sam Tyler, in the groundbreaking series Life on Mars.

There’s also a new and unsettling twist to the team dynamic, in the form of Discipline and Complaints Officer, Jim Keats, who implies that Hunt’s involvement in Sam Tyler’s death was suspicious.

Will Alex finally discover why she has been sent back in time to the 1980s? Does anything tie Alex and Sam Tyler together? And who exactly is Gene Hunt…?

Thrilling, mysterious and supremely funny, the conclusion of this extremely popular series contains the same successful combination of crime drama, outrageous Eighties outfits and cutting one-liners – plus a finale that is one of the most exciting, compelling and edge-of-your seat rides on TV.

Starring: Philip Glenister (Life on Mars; Cranford; Tuesday), Keeley Hawes (Spooks; After Thomas; Mutual Friends), Dean Andrews (Life on Mars; No Angels; True Dare Kiss), Marshall Lancaster (Life on Mars; Coronation Street), Montserrat Lombard (Love Soup; No Angels), Daniel Mays (Funland; Made in Dagenham; Atonement).

Thursday 30th December 10.30pm             

Drama Series 

Tonight Gene Hunt is visited by a former adversary from his old stomping ground of Manchester. Journalist Jackie Queen had several run-ins with Gene in the past and this time she has a surprise in store. She is pregnant with Gene’s baby! Not one to miss out on a story, she is also investigating the disappearance of northern teenagers that have arrived in London. She wants help to find one in particular; her niece Rachel has run away and Jackie fears she has been lured into the seedy underbelly of the capital. Alex is suspicious of Jackie. 

Also, with the threat of a transfer haunting Gene, Alex is desperate that they get to the bottom of the corruption she believes is in the police force. But as the investigation progresses, evidence leads them to a man named Jarvis. On the surface he’s a legitimate business man, but they are convinced that he is responsible for the murders of young girls. With an expensive solicitor and his smug demeanour, Jarvis appears untouchable and, worse, seems to have protection from within the Met itself. As the pressure mounts to find Rachel, the team is forced to acknowledge that the force is being poisoned from the inside. Gene’s loyalty is tested as he and Alex are forced to put a stop to it, however messy the consequences…

Wednesday 29th December 10.40pm            

Drama Series 

Animal rights activists have threatened a series of attacks in London and the first victim – the daughter of a commercial laboratory owner – is in hospital. Gene orders his team not to sleep until those responsible are behind bars. Their first stop is a prison where Robin Elliot, a known animal rights campaigner, is serving time for killing a scientist in the 1970s. Alex is convinced that Robin knows about the planned attacks, but with no contact with the outside world, there doesn’t appear to be any way for him to be involved. Robin’s eerily prescient knowledge of the future makes Alex think that he could be involved not only with the case, but also with her own fate. Having heard the voices of ambulance men, Alex worries that hope is fading for her survival in the present day (2009). 

Gene skirts closely towards a dangerous conflict with Supermac, who warns him to toe the line or face the consequences. As Alex fights for her life and Gene fights for his career, can they prevent more casualties before time runs out?

Monday 27th December 10.35pm           

Drama Series 

The Quattro’s fired up and fashion sense has been thrown out of the window as this new PRIME drama starring Philip Glenister and Keeley Hawes revs up for the eagerly awaited second series. Series two kicks off in 1982 where leg warmers are cool, fluorescent is the colour of choice, Margaret Thatcher is in her element and bullish DCI Gene Hunt (Philip Glenister) is back, policing the streets in his politically incorrect and loud-mouthed style. Sassy Alex Drake (Keeley Hawes), whom Hunt shares a fiery working relationship with, is by his side desperately trying to keep him in line. 


Though no nearer to getting back to her daughter, Alex believes she is suspended in time and finally understands how the world around her works. But, when she starts hearing news from 2008, she realises nothing is as it seems. Clinging on to fast fading hope, she discovers she may not be alone in her predicament. A mysterious stranger who also seems to be stuck in 1982 is making Alex doubt that her current world is merely a figment of her imagination. Is he a friend who can help her get home or a foe who will destroy all she knows? 


Putting the pedal to the metal, PRIME has revved up the Audi playing back-to-back eps of Ashes To Ashes starting tonight and running over two action-packed weeks, Monday to Thursday.


UKTV – Saturdays from 22 August, 9.30pm

Swapping the Ford Cortina for an Audi Quattro, DCI Gene Hunt rolls up his sleeves and embraces the Eighties in the sequel to the critically acclaimed and phenomenally popular Life on Mars.

Set in 1981, everyone’s favourite politically-incorrect cop, flanked by his faithful sidekicks Ray and Chris, turns his attentions to taking on the ‘southern nancy’ criminal scum in the nation’s capital.

Now a technological whizz-kid in the squad’s surveillance team, DC Chris Skelton has clearly moved with the times, along with DS Ray Carling who’s keen to experience London’s nightlife. Gene, however, does not expect to be thrown together with the sexy, intelligent, DCI Alex Drake.

Single mother to daughter Molly, Alex has rapidly risen through the ranks of the Met and, in the modern world of 2008, skilfully uses psychological profiling to capture suspects. When Alex and her daughter are kidnapped, she makes a daring attempt at escape, resulting in a horrific accident.

Alex suddenly finds herself in 1981 interacting with familiar characters, not just from her own life time, but also from the detailed reports logged by none other than Sam Tyler, which Alex has previously spent months poring over. Ripped from her current world of sexual equality and respect, she finds herself faced with the boorish Gene in a two-tone, New Romantic, Eighties London with a soundtrack of Adam Ant, Roxy Music and The Human League ringing in her ears. Frustrated by each other’s stubbornness, the friction between Alex and Gene heats up. However, as the two titans collide, it becomes apparent there is more than just a professional tension emerging.

Starring: Philip Glenister (Life on Mars, Cranford Chronicles, Tuesday), Keeley Hawes (Spooks, After Thomas, The Best Man), Dean Andrews (Life on Mars, No Angels, True Dare Kiss), Marshall Lancaster (Life on Mars, Coronation Street), Montserrat Lombard (Love Soup, Roman’s Empire, Hyperdrive)

“Every bit as gripping as its predecessor… the new dimensions in this series are fascinating. As ever there are great lines and fantastic period details to savour plus plenty of mischievous humour as Hunt and ‘Bolly Knickers’, as he calls her, spar and flirt” Observer

Alex is 24 hours from the event that changed her life – the murder of her parents in a car bomb. She believes that if she can save her parents, she will get home to her daughter in 2008. Her childhood memories of the day are vague, so, armed with that information, she makes her parents’ death into a ‘case’ – a crime that hasn’t happened.

Ray is horrified when Alex chooses him to help her with her crazy mission. She destroys the blue Ford she thinks was the car her parents died in and starts to believe she is in control of her destiny. Ray thinks she’s finally lost it.

Meanwhile, Gene is in hell; Lord Scarman is due to visit the station. Gene will stop at nothing to give a good impression, right down to releasing all the prisoners and locking up Chris so that he can give the station a good review.

The station is in chaos following a Gay Pride demo and, to make matters worse, Alex turns up with Tim and Caroline Price, having arrested them for possession of drugs.

After they spend a night in the cells, Gene lets Alex’s parents go. When Alex finds out that Arthur Layton has been released from prison, she knows there’s no time to waste if she’s going to stop the impending tragedy.

As Alex and Gene race to where the bomb is set to go off, it seems everything’s in place as it was 27 years ago. But will Alex’s efforts have been enough to save her parents and get her back to 2008?

ASHES TO ASHES, Wednesday 8th October 9.30pm

Wednesday 1st October 9.30pm

Thousands of pounds collected for charity have been stolen, and the only lead is Gil Hollis, the man who raised it. Alex is sure that Gil knows more than he realises and that she can coax it out of him.
But when Gene is humiliated on a TV appeal, he resorts to his ‘fists first, questions later’ method. Can Alex prevent Gene going off the rails just at the point when she needs to stay in control, and if she can’t, will someone die?
This penultimate episode of Ashes To Ashes stars Matthew Macfadyen as Gil Hollis – Matthew is married to Keeley Hawes, who stars as DCI Alex Drake.

Wednesday 24th September at 9.30pm

A witness statement taken by DCI Gene Hunt following an armed robbery sets alarm bells ringing for the straight-talking detective. He immediately links the modus operandi of the robbers to Chas Cale, a renowned criminal whom he tried to bring down in Manchester.

Chas is brought in for questioning but, as Gene pushes for a confession, Chas claims he could not have been involved; he has developed epilepsy and has had to give up his adrenaline-fuelled life of crime.

The realisation that Chas is not as young as he once was makes Gene think about himself and his career, and he wonders whether he is past his prime.
Surely the Gene Genie isn’t going to hang up his cowboy boots just yet?

Wednesday 17th September at 9.30pm

Simon Neary is a gangster Gene has wanted to nail for years. When the team discovers that his latest deal is to obtain guns, the case takes on another imperative for Alex. Is stopping the guns a way to stop herself getting shot in 2008?

Gene is shocked by how far Alex is prepared to go, including trying to persuade Neary’s young boyfriend to turn informant. Would she put a civilian at risk?