Australian TV

idodrentKiwi actor Ido Drent will portray INXS drummer Jon Farriss in a new high-profile Australian mini-series.

The former Shortland Street actor will join a quality Australian cast in the new project for Channel 7 entitled ‘Never Tear Us Apart: the Untold Story of INXS’.

Drent will be joined by Luke Arnold (Winners & Losers) as Michael Hutchence, newcomer Nicholas Masters as Tim Farriss, Andy Ryan (Underbelly: Squizzy Taylor) as Andrew Farriss, Alex Williams (Underground: The Julian Assange Story) as Kirk Pengilly and Hugh Sheridan (Packed to the Rafters) as Garry Gary Beers.

Martin HendesonNew Zealander Martin Henderson has nabbed himself the lead role in a new Australian drama series.

The former Shortland Street actor – who has since featured in several US series including Off The Map and House – will play the lead in Channel Ten’s Secrets & Lies.

Henderson will play a character called Ben, an everyday family man who finds the body of a young boy and quickly becomes the prime murder suspect.

The drama begins filming in Brisbane and other locations around Queensland this week. Continue reading »

tv-presenterA former Australian journalist has caused a bit of a stir today after penning an essay for The Age that basically argues that pretty, blonde reporters don’t know what they’re talking about.

The retired journalist, Geoffrey Barker, called the piece ‘Switch off the TV babes for some real news” and in it he claims that the stories being reported by the so-called “babes” are not as important as how the presenters themselves look on camera.

TVNZ’s Ruth Wynn-Williams was less than impressed, tweeting earlier today: “Stop staring at our breasts perve “Retired journo sick of ‘pert-breasted’ blonde Reporters”

The post has also spawned this gif-based list of ‘The Nine Most Horrifying Quotes From Geoffrey Barker’s ‘TV Babes’ Piece’. Continue reading »

breakfast1Paul Henry’s former Breakfast co-host in Australia has openly bagged the kiwi for the failure of the show.

Andrew Rochford said the Channel Ten show became “unworkable” and Henry was largely to blame.

“There are a lot of people with theories about what went wrong. My personal theory is somebody who was publicised for pointing out the white elephant in the room became the white elephant in the room,” Rochford said.

“Look, he was himself. And everybody else tried to be themselves and make a show that added something to the morning,” he said.

Rochford departed the show five months prior to its axing in November last year. Continue reading »

Paul Henry has finished his time on Australian morning TV following the final episode of the Ten Network’s Breakfast.

Friday marked the end of the show, which was axed by the network after struggling to compete with Seven’s Sunrise programme and Channel Nine’s Today.

The final episode featured several highlights clips from the year, many of them featuring Henry and his colourful interactions with a number of guests.

Paul Henry could be back on TV in New Zealand if the latest rumours prove correct.

After seeing his Australian breakfast series get the chop this week, many are picking Henry to struggle finding another TV job across the ditch and a permanent return to NZ could be on the cards.

There is talk about a possible return to TVNZ and their new 7pm current affairs show, which will hit screens next year. Continue reading »

It turns out there may be more to the Charlotte Dawson Twitter abuse saga than she’s letting on.

While it has been reported that Dawson and one of her followers were the victims of abuse from others, several Twitter users are pointing out that Dawson has been giving as good as she’s getting.

Dawson is an ambassador for the anti-bullying program Community Brave but has been criticised for re-tweeting abuse sent to her as it leads to her followers turning on the user who sent the abuse.

There is plenty of talk that suggests Dawson is simply using the controversy around her Twitter abuse to promote her book, as her face is all over the Australian papers this week. Continue reading »

Aussie TV presenter Carrie Bickmore struggles with the word “Qantas”. Continue reading »

It appears that while Charlotte Dawson can leave the country, she can’t escape some kiwi controversy.

The TV personality, who now lives in Australia, reportedly confronted a Twitter user who works at Monash University this month after they tweeted an abusive message directed at Dawson and one of her followers.

The Herald Sun reports that one user had posted: “@LouisIsaako: excuse me @MsCharlotteD on behalf of NZ we would like you to please GO HANG YOURSELF!!!” Continue reading »

Remember those horrible “You wouldn’t steal a car” ads at the beginning of the movies and DVD’s you forked out honest cash to watch legitimately? It looks as though someone has figured out that was totally the wrong approach.

A new anti-piracy campaign from the Intellectual Property Awareness Foundation in Australia is looking to put a more positive message out there than other campaigns have done in the past.

The ‘thank you’ theme aims to praise audiences who chose to watch content via the official and intended channels as opposed to illegal ones.

The campaign, which features several prominent Australian TV and film personalities, breaks away from the usual themes of fear and punishment of previous anti-piracy messages.