Autopsy 10: Ask Dr Baden

Friday 28th November

This all-new episode of the hugely popular Autopsy documentary series explores two suspicious cases of death that were brought to the good Doctor’s attention as a result of the “Ask Dr Baden” interactive component to the Autopsy website.

After emailing their stories to the website, several potential subjects were contacted, with their cases examined in the trademark Autopsy fashion. In each of the two cases that were selected for this special, surviving family members and friends are interviewed Dr. Baden, who also painstakingly examines forensic evidence and performs autopsies in an attempt to uncover the mysteries surrounding each case.

Dr Baden investigates the case of Terrie Petrie, who has lost three babies to SIDS, but could there be another reason why her infants died?

He also casts a professional eye over the case of Mary Jane Gooding – 20 years after she went missing her remains were found in a car at the bottom of a lake. Will Dr Baden be able to unlock the mystery surrounding her death.