Baby Borrowers On Holiday

Thursday 26 June, 7.30pm

Baby Borrowers On Holiday sees an ambitious, month-long social experiment with five teenage couples – all itching for independence – discovering what it’s like to tackle one of the toughest jobs of all – parenting on holiday.

Living as adults for the first time, the five British teenage couples on Baby Borrowers On Holiday move into their own holiday cottage, and live by their own rules. For teenagers, holidays are normally fun, but this is not quite the usual holiday of lazy days in the sun and rowdy nights out, as their holiday comes with a painful dose of adult responsibility. They are in for a never-ending stream of kids; some with pets, others with siblings, all of them with attitude.
Far from lazing around topping up their tans on the beach these teenagers juggle babies and children with sandy nappies, collapsing tents, soggy sandwiches and muddy pets. These cocky teens are convinced they have it in them to look after children. But what they discover is that, if it’s hard being a parent, it’s even harder being a parent on holiday. In fact, it’s not really a holiday at all. Sun kissed dreams fast become a living, sandy, sunburnt nightmare.

Episode one sees Londoners Jo and Hannah, EMO rockers Amy and Nathan, Middlesbrough love birds Sam and Lauren, long distance lovers Allyson and Mohammed, and childhood sweethearts Zen and Jason, all move into their idyllic beach front holiday homes.

On arrival each couple receives an envelope containing £800 – the holiday budget for the next four weeks. Before the sun sets on day one the arguing has begun, and teenage behaviour has well and truly kicked in. Allyson and Mohammed disagree about the housework, whilst Amy’s partying on the beach till the early hours does not go down well with Nathan.

The holiday takes a surprising turn when early one morning each couple is delivered an ’empathy belly’ by a heavily pregnant woman. For the next three days the girls have to wear the two stone belly, eat healthily, not drink alcohol and be pampered by their boyfriends.

All of the girls embrace their challenge apart from Amy, who refuses to wear it. For Mohammed, seeing his ‘pregnant’ girlfriend has touched a protective nerve and he’s pandering to her every whim.

Watch Baby Borrowers On Holiday, tonight at 7.30pm on TV2.

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Baby Borrowers On Holiday

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