Back Benches


NZ On Air is investing just over $9.5 million in content for a wide range of special interest audiences on television and digital media platforms.

In its latest funding decisions, NZ On Air has committed to 10 television and three digital media projects for special interest audiences.

A new six-part series supported for TV3 will focus on the practice of arranged marriages, which continues in some cultures today in New Zealand. Arranged will be made by Notable Pictures, who also produce the returning series Both Worlds. Continue reading »

nz-on-air-logo-300While Media3 hasn’t made it back after being cancelled by TV3, TVNZ7 still manages to live on with Back Benches being renewed for another season on Prime.

Audiences of every kind are catered for in the latest funding decisions from NZ On Air.

NZ On Air is delighted to support a new series for TV3, The Festival, which will take us inside the most important festivals and celebrations of our ethnic communities.This new series joins a stable of programmes made for special interest audiences available on television and then online.

Young Pacific people will be treated to the return of popular youth programme Fresh (TV2), and wider audiences can enjoy the gastronomic journey of the Pacific cultures with a second series of Real Pasifik (TV One). Neighbourhood will return to TV One to introduce more ethnic communities to their neighbours Continue reading »

back_benchesThis week on Back Benches the panel will be discussing NZ power, Anzac Day and working for free.

NZ POWER: What is the best way to bring power to the people? There is no denying the cost of electricity has steadily risen over the last 15 years but the debate is on now on how to make your power bills cheaper. Labour & the Greens have a plan—NZ Power—calling this plan the Pharmac of the electricity industry. Continue reading »

back_benchesAs of this weekend, TVNZ Heartland will be airing the new run of Back Benches alongside Prime.

The new 2013 season was initially scheduled to begin on Heartland on April 20 but has been brought forward to begin on Saturday, April 13 at 10pm.

Prime airs the series on Wednesday nights.

Back Benches returns to TV on Prime this Wednesday at 10.30pm.

NZ On Air supports new season of Back Benches

NZ On Air is pleased to announce support for a new series of Back Benches to screen on Prime.

“We are thrilled to be able to support the talented Back Benches team” says NZ On Air Chief Executive Jane Wrightson. “Their particular combination of political current affairs and humour makes topical political debate highly accessible.”

“The series found a loyal audience on TVNZ 7 and NZ On Air and Prime are delighted to join forces to find it a new home.” Ms Wrightson says.

NZ On Air has supported Back Benches for 20 episodes to run in 2013.

There is more good news this morning for TVNZ7 fans as NZ On Air has committed funding, in principle, for Back Benches to run on Prime.

Back Benches looks set to live on after the demise of TVNZ7 with NZ On Air committing funding “in principle” to the programme running on Prime.

NZ On Air spokeswoman Gina Rogers said the agency was having talks with Prime about its financial contribution to the show. Continue reading »

Wallace Chapman has confirmed that Prime TV will pick up Back Benches if the funding is given the go-ahead.

Host Chapman said in a Facebook post that prime will take on the TVNZ7 political series if NZ on Air gives it the greenlight.

Chapman said: “Well, Prime TV all go for picking up Back Benches. Hear in mid August if NZonAir ‘greenlights’ it. Question are those Backbencher pub renovations going…!”

For the next three weeks, Wallace and Damian will be bringing the Beehive to the barstools at The Shepherd’s Arms Speights Ale House, Tinakori Road, Thorndon. If you’re in the neighbourhood on a Wednesday from 8pm, pop in to be part of the LIVE audience.

Due to a fire at the Backbencher pub in Wellington on Thursday 7 June, which means that venue is temporarily closed for business, Back Benches will be at The Shepherd’s Arms Speights Ale House, Tinakori Road, Thorndon for the next three weeks.

Self-professed political junkies, Wallace Chapman and Damian Christie, will get to the heart of the big issues as MPs and political mavericks rub shoulders with spectators.

Back Benches is TVNZ 7’s LIVE weekly pub politics show that attempts to demystify the world of New Zealand politics by making it accessible and fun.

If you can’t make it to the The Shepherd’s Arms Speights Ale House, fear not – you can watch it LIVE on TVNZ 7, Wednesday at 9.05pm.

Wednesday 25 February, 9.30pm

The global economic crisis is starting to be felt in New Zealand, with thousands of jobs lost. What are the solutions being offered by the Government, the unions and business leaders?

Sue Bradford of the Green Party; Trevor Mallard of Labour; Charles Finney, CEO of the Wellington Chamber of Commerce; and Phil O’Reilly, CEO of Business New Zealand join Wallace Chapman in a Back Benches special on Wednesday 25 February. The panel will hash out the big employment issues in the lead up to the Prime Minister’s Job Summit on Friday.

Filmed LIVE, 8pm on Wednesday 25 February at The Backbencher Pub and airing 9:30pm on TVNZ 7.