In her not so subtle way, Julie Christie has said what most of us already knew, that TVNZ7 could have been saved – with some clever integration.  Being clever is a trait that left that building long before Rick Ellis did.

Christie believes that the channel could have used TVNZ’s local programming that typically aired in poor time slots on TV One and TV2, in primetime on TVNZ7.

Christie asks, “What are your choices at 7pm? It’s current affairs or Shortland St. What would you rather have?” The smart arse may reply The Crowd Goes Wild, but you get her point.  TVNZ have a vast catalogue of content and a there is a good amount of it that is funded by the taxpayer already but is barely seen due to being tucked away late in the evening.  It would make absolute sense to have that content available elsewhere at a more reasonable hour but there are commercial realities at stake.

Interestingly, Media7 has now been picked up by TV3 and become Media3 while there seems to be a fairly good chance that Backbenches will be heading to Prime.  Can anyone name a show from TVNZ7 that TVNZ are picking up?