Backroom Heroes

LIVING CHANNEL – Fridays from 8 January, 10pm

Join Peter Snow as he celebrates the unsung creators behind some of the most significant inventions of the late twentieth century. The series includes the men who worked behind a Newbury Curry house to create Britain’s first Mobile Phone network and the almost forgotten Rocket programme that used chemicals from a hair salon to place Britain’s first satellite in orbit. Also featured is the plane that the RAF did not want 40 years ago, but that went on to win the Falkland’s war – The Harrier Jump Jet; plus the story of how an amateur club, racing Austin 7’s, resulted in over half the Formula 1 cars on the starting grid being built in Britain; These are not businessmen, but men who put the real value into Britain such as Len Terry who went from building a racing car in his living room to helping create the 5 Billion pound industry that is Formula One. Or David Braben and Ian Bell, who from their bedrooms changed the world of computer games and kick-started an industry worth more than our Film and Television Industry combined.