Bad Boy Racers

NZ Premiere Series: Bad Boy Racers

SKY 1 – Tuesdays from 8 January, 7.30pm

Formula One motor racing supremo and multi millionaire businessman Eddie Jordan has seven weeks to turn the lives of eight young car criminals around. Jordan meets the boys on their own turf, to find out why they’ve become hooked on car crime and, in an explosive sequence of events, these young offenders show him just how much they know about cars: how to steal them. However, a timed wheel change soon reveals how little they know about working constructively on vehicles! What equally thrilling and exciting (legal) alternative can Jordan offer these Bad Boy Racers? A specially-designed mechanics course and the chance to win a highly sought after mechanics apprenticeship with global giants Honda or Toyota. Plus, Jordan puts his own name on the line by allowing some of the boys the chance to form a race team bearing Eddie Jordan’s name, in one of Britain’s competitive races. Find out how many of the boys will make the ultimate journey from chequered past to chequered flag…