Bad Girls

Goodman to return to Community

John Goodman will return to Community to reprise his role as Vice Dean Laybourne, who works at the school of air conditioning.

Longoria rules out Desperate Housewives movie

Eva Longoria has ruled out a Desperate Housewives movie, saying she is not interested in taking part in one. “I’m not open to a movie, no,” she said. “I wouldn’t even pay money to go to a movie when I could see these characters and these girls in my own home. It would be nice to close this chapter.”

Downton Abbey actress joins Bad Girls

Downton Abbey actress Zoe Boyle has joined the new American remake of Bad Girls. Boyle appeared in the second season of Downton Abbey and has also featured in Sons of Anarchy.

Cranston to direct Modern Family episode

Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston is closing a deal to direct an episode of Modern Family. The former Malcolm in the Middle actor has directed episodes of numerous TV shows in the past.

US to remake Bad Girls

A US remake of British prison drama Bad Girls is in the works at the NBC network. The show, which centres on the inmates and officers in a women’s prison, ran from 1999 to 2006.

Luck renewed

HBO has renewed Dustin Hoffman’s new horse-racing series Luck for a second season just two days after its first season premiere.

Pilot ordered for new Marc Cherry project

Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry has had a pilot order for his new project at ABC, Devious Maids. The project is a loose adaptation of a Mexican telenovela that focusses on four Latina women who work as maids in Beverly Hills.

VIBE – Wednesdays from 20 January, 8.30pm (encore Saturdays from 23 January, 10.30pm)

Bribery, corruption, rape… and that’s just the wardens.

There are bad girls, and then there are the girls of Larkhall women’s prison. This highly acclaimed, original and controversial British series explores the never-ending drama that occurs between the prisoners and the men and women who are paid to lock them up. Vibe takes you back to the very first season, where new G-Wing Governor Helen Stewart (Simone Lahbib, Wire In The Blood) struggles to impose her authority over inmates and officers alike. Never shying from the darker side of prison life, Bad Girls celebrates the warmth, compassion and defiant sense of humour that can sometimes triumph even behind bars.

Wednesday 6 August, 11pm

This Bad Girls Special was the last episode to air at the end of series eight.

Wing governor Sylvia Hollamby (Helen Fraser) has never really enjoyed the Christmas – and this one is no exception. With overflowing drains on the G Wing and a decomposed hand appearing from a toilet, it looks like something sinister is at work. But Sylvia is a stout old boot and carries on as normal, until ex-inmate Natalie Buxton (Dannielle Brent) appears to her in a dream and takes on a very strange journey.

Bad Girls
Tuesday 4 April, 8.30pm

Jim Fenner is living on borrowed time, the whole of G-Wing want him dead. Even the screws have had enough of his evil, bullying ways … but who will do the deed?

Jim Fenner is an misogynistic monster whose moral dipstick is one drop short of bone-dry. He seduces vulnerable young women, lies, cheats, beats and even murders troublesome inmates … in a nutshell; he will stop at nothing to get himself out of trouble.
But Fenner’s golden run is over. All over Larkhall, guards and inmates alike are brewing plots to top him. Hell-bent on revenge for Yvonne’s death, Julie S and an extremely reluctant Julie J are making candles complete with poisoned wicks. Darlene and Janine have a secret plan involving a sharpened thorn, rat poison and a drinking straw and Spiers and Natalie are working on a method that will also incriminate Fenner’s wife Di ‘mad-dog’ Barker.

Neil meanwhile slips a mickey into Fenner’s glass of wine at his leaving reception, and why should Tina be so adamant that he take a specific cheese straw from the plate she is offering around? Appalled by his treatment of Di and sick of the sly digs he keeps making about Bobby-Darren’s sexuality, even Hollamby has reached the end of her tether as far as he is concerned.

Someone finally finishes off Fenner in BAD GIRLS, tonight at 8.30pm on TV ONE.

Bad Girls is soon to be played as re-runs in the U.S. The British female prison drama is taking a one-year hiatus before cable channel FX remakes it for 2008, but the American audience is to get a new view of it in the coming year. Who would have thought that the American TV market would censor out the controversial topics to make it more viewer friendly! It sounds like typical Yankee style. Would you still watch it in a lightened version – minus the controversy and the sex appeal?

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Will the truth come out about Natalie’s ‘miraculous escape’ or will current Top Dog Pat Kerrigan go down out for her murder? Find out in the action-packed finale of ‘Bad Girls’.

Pat Kerrigan (Liz May Brice) has had a rough year in Larkhall. Her lover, Sheena, has given her the cold shoulder, she’s been forced to deal with her abusive past and she’s been sweating over rival Natalie’s corpse; which she stashed in a disused man hole behind a washing machine.

But actor Liz May Brice has had a ball playing Larkhall’s toughest nut. “I love playing Pat – her flaws make her fantastic to play, so I wouldn’t change a thing. The cast and crew are fantastic people and I love coming to work every day. ”

There have been a few mishaps throughout the filming though – she dealt to resident psychopath Natalie Buxton a little too realistically during one of their battles. “I broke Dannielle Brent’s (who plays Natalie) nose! We were rehearsing a fight scene and my knee hit her nose accidentally – I was mortified,” laughs Brice. She also says that there some similarities between the set and a real prison: “The worst thing is the food in the canteen! I suspect it’s close to the food you really get when you’re locked up.”

Brice says that playing Pat has made her think about whether she could survive jail herself. “I think being in prison would be horrendous. I like to think I’d try to keep improving myself in any way I could by learning new skills. I can’t imagine many things worse than having your freedom taken away.”

When she’s not on the set of ‘Bad Girls’, she tries to lead the odd acting workshop and brushes up on her singing. Brice says she does get recognised when she’s out and about but people are generally very positive. “I do often get recognised, but so far I’ve never had an unpleasant experience. It’s always nice to be recognised for your work.”

In the finale, Lou is glowing after the surprise proposal from Rowan, unaware he has no intention of divorcing his wife; Julie S is so moved after seeing a photo of her new granddaughter that she decides to ask Rowan for help to beat her cancer; Phyl and Bev are quick to spot that Vicky is popping pills and jump at the chance to blackmail her for some. Meanwhile, after many years of service on G-Wing, ‘Body Bag’ Hollamby finally gets a spring in her step.

Bad Girls Tuesday 7 November, 8.30pm, TV One


Bad Girls

One of the best series on TV!
Always look forward to seeing Bad Girls. Plenty of drama and scandal, with bits of humour thrown in.

Last night for instance, it was really sad for Tina because she so didn’t want to be on the outside away from her mates, and all she had to cling to was Bodybag/Sylvia, her personal officer. But Bodybag didn’t want her hanging around, and tried to get her to leave, and it was so funny seeing them walk up the road and into the bank together. Where Tina held it up with a toy gun, just to get back inside, and then one of the customers died of a heart attack!

Then all the while inside there’s a dead body of one of the inmates, and the killer trying to keep it hidden, aided by the 2 Julies who don’t really want to be involved. Will the body be found in the dryer next week?
Will Tina be back with her mates?