Badger Or Bust

Saturday 13 June, 7.30pm

British business consultant and sales guru Ruth Badger tackles bad British sales teams and attempts to turns them around in TV ONE’s new series Badger Or Bust, tonight at 7.30pm.

‘The Badger’, best known as the 2006 runner-up in the second series of reality TV show The Apprentice UK, says she can sell anything, but how will she perform when faced with Britain’s worst teams?

She has just seven days in each company to identify what the problems are, and then put a new sales strategy into practise. Ready to put her money where her mouth is, Badger says, “This is the real test for me. I claim to be able to increase sales in any business. So, in at the deep end, any business that is struggling, I roll my sleeves up and ensure that they perform. Either way, kicking or screaming, I get results.”

First, Badger spends two days observing the company, interviewing key staff and setting sales challenges to uncover the company’s strengths and weaknesses. On the third day, she shows the MD secret footage filmed by mystery shoppers to ram home the problems on the sales floor. Then it’s time to gather the troops and tell the assembled employees, and the boss, what’s she found – and what she intends to do about it.

Now the Badger’s mission to save the failing company steps up a gear. She organises a series of sales challenges to train the sales team to sell better. Ruth motivates and inspires the sales force and it doesn’t take long for the sales figures to soar skywards. At the end of the first week she sets the sales team new targets and leaves the company.

A few days later she returns to see how they have fared without her. Not surprisingly, sales have slumped. With just two days left to save the company and make a difference, she gives them a ticking off and organises one final sales challenge. Will they rise to the challenge, or fall at the first hurdle?