Ballroom High

7:30pm Monday, July 4 on Prime

Reality Series

Part Two

The pressure is on as Anton and Erin will have to work hard to give their pupils the confidence they need to master a different Latin dance: samba, rumba, cha-cha, jive or salsa and get over their shyness. In order to do well, the teens will have to not only understand the mechanics of dancing, but also develop a strong relationship with their dancing partners. They’ll soon realise that they won’t be able to perform the choreographies unless they trust and respect each other. We can expect fits of giggling, arguments and awkward moments as boys and girls have to get up close and personal. As the weeks go by, will Erin and Anton be able to transform them from clumsy and sulky students to accomplished dancers and will the teens wow the audience, or mess up their steps when it matters most?

7:30pm Monday, June 27 on Prime

Reality Series

Dance teacher Pierre Dulane decided to teach ballroom to New York kids from a rough school as a way to show them the value of discipline, respect and give them a sense of achievement. His initiative was so successful it was expanded into a national programme in American high schools. There was even a film made about it called ‘Take the Lead’ starring Antonio Banderas as Dulane. Now, professional dancers Anton Du Beke and Erin Boag want to follow in Dulane’s footsteps and bring ballroom to British schools in this dance two part special.

Both Erin and Anton passionately believe that a good dancing partnership is about much more than rhythm and good moves: dancers must trust, respect and understand each other. Now they are willing to put their reputations on the line by taking on the challenge of going into a rough inner city school, selecting a team of dance rookies and in just four weeks training them up from scratch to perform at a gala event at a major venue such as the Royal Albert Hall or the Blackpool Tower.