The first poster for the third season of Banshee starring Anthony Starr has been released by Cinemax.


Glee’s Chris Colfer is to appear in an episode of Hot in Cleveland.

Langley Kirkwood, Meaghan Rath, Chaske Spencer and Tom Pelphrey are joining the third season of Banshee. More details on what characters they will play can be found here.

Paula Abdul to cameo on Neighbours

In Australia for So You Think You Can Dance, Paula Abdul has added a cameo on the nightly soap opera Neighbours to her list of things to do while down under.  The episode won’t screen in Australia until June.

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The soundtrack to Antony Starr’s Banshee is scheduled for release tomorrow but you can listen to it here thanks to Soundcloud.

hoodBanshee will be back for a third season, it has just been announced.

The show stars our own Antony Starr (Outrageous Fortune) and Ivana Milicevic as former lovers and partners in crime Lucas Hood and Carrie Hopewell. Lucas assumes the identity of the sheriff of Banshee, Pennsylvania. and reunites with Carrie, who’s married to the town prosecutor. Continue reading »

bansheeI thoroughly enjoyed the first season of Banshee which aired on Sky’s premium SoHo channel.  It’s not often a New Zealand actor goes from starring in a local drama to a US cable drama but after his twin role on Outrageous Fortune, it was unsurprising to learn the Antony Starr had done just that.

During the first season, Starr’s ex-con character, assumes the identity of the new local sheriff, Lucas Hood, after he is murdered in a graphic bar fight in the fictional Pensylvanian town of Banshee.  Banshee is his destination after 15 years in prison for stealing diamonds from Ukranian gangster, Mr Rabbit, as he searches for his accomplice and former lover, Anastasia, who happens to also be Mr Rabbit’s daughter.  Continue reading »

Here 10 things from TV in 2013 that were memorable to me.  Feel free to agree, or more likely disagree, and add your own lists below.

# The announcement that Paul Henry is returning to New Zealand television to host a daily late night show.
Love him or hate him, Paul Henry is good for TV simply because he gets people talking.  Usually, quite passionately.

# House of Cards.
This was definitely my favourite show of 2013 and a real contender for all time favourite.  While the show has been out on DVD since June in the US, TV3 will get around to screening at some point in 2014 while the entire second season will be made available on Netflix from Feb 15.

# This moment from the Emmy Awards:

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soho-bansheeNew Zealand’s Antony Starr (Outrageous Fortune) will return as Lucas Hood on the US cable channel Cinemax’s Banshee on January 10, 2014 and if Sky keeps with its fast tracking regime then the episode should screen on SoHo on January 9th.

Banshee was renewed just three weeks into its freshman season. Its Season 1 finale drew 455,000 viewers during its initial airing and 655,000 during repeats – the largest audience ever for a Cinemax original series finale.

A season two teaser has been released for Antony Starr’s US series Banshee, which will return in 2014.