BBC News

BBC weatherman Tomas Schafernaker gets caught flipping the one-fingered salute to BBC News anchor Simon McCoy.

McCoy’s co-anchor Fiona Armstrong sees the funny side…


Why should graffiti low life’s get international TV recognition on their crap?

With the news of womans body found in the car on BBC world news, we just had to see graffiti on the wooden fence out side the home, I think it is about time the TV stations takes steps to discourage this crap by either blurring out or pixelating it, and if that does not work the government should be called in to outlaw this exposure on our screens, after all the TV stations blur over peoples faces appearing in court with name suppression.

Graffiti is really got out of control in Auckland, you are walking around the city and a public transport bus goes past and you can see graffiti scratched on the glass windows at the back of the bus and it looks like the bus carries nothing but pigs around, I really hate taking a bus now, and get much better pleasure walking around the city. The trains are the same, beautifully trains, better than the rubbish they had twenty years ago, but once again, you take a seat and try and look out the window and all you see is graffiti.