Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

CARTOON NETWORK – Sunday 15 July, 10am

Life is changing for super-powered teen Ben Tennyson. His secret identity has been revealed, leaving him to battle not only the evil aliens who continue to threaten the planet, but also the down-side of international superstardom. Armed with a mysterious new watch-like device, the Ultimatrix, Ben must learn to master its full powers as it gives him the ability to activate ultimate versions of some of his strongest alien entities.

CARTOON NETWORK – Sundays from 16 October, 9am

Get ready for more action and adventure as premieres on Cartoon Network. Evil alien threats, in the form of The Forever Knights, Highbreeds, Vilgax, Vulkanus, Albedo, Nanochips, are as strong as ever. Luckily everyone’s favourite hero, Ben Tennyson, has mastered the Ultimatrix – he even has new alien incarnations up his green sleeve, including ‘Clockwork’, ‘Ultimate Wildmutt’ and ‘Fasttrack’! It’s hero time!

CARTOON NETWORK – Sunday 9 October from 12am

It’s Hero Time x10! Catch the ultimate Ben 10 marathon, featuring 24 hours of Ben 10, Ben 10 Alien Force, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien and all the Ben 10 movies! That’s not all… The final two episodes of Ben 10 Ultimate Alien (Series 1) will premiere – the special 2 part episode “Absolute Power” will air at 9.00am and encore at 7.30pm.

CARTOON NETWORK – Saturday 30 July, 12.15pm

It’s hero time with the Australian premiere of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien episodes “Nor Iron Bars a Cage” and “The Enemy of My Enemy”. Follow Ben, Gwen and Kevin as they continue to battle the evil alien threats to the galaxy. Lucky Ben has mastered his Ultimatrix!

CARTOON NETWORK – Sunday 2 January, 10am & Sunday 9, 16 & 23 January, 9am

There is a time to Go Hero and a time to Go Ultimate. Catch the latest instalment in the Ben 10 series, as 16-year-old Ben Tennyson takes on the aliens that threaten the galaxy. Armed with the Ultimatrix, this international megastar superhero, is going to battle against his toughest opponent yet, Aggregor.

CARTOON NETWORK – Sunday 5 & 12 December, 10am

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien follows 16-year-old Ben Tennyson as his life changes in major ways! The Omnitrix has been destroyed and Ben must now learn to master the secrets of the mysterious Ultimatrix, a new watch-like device that not only allows him to transform into a variety of alien super heroes, but also gives him the ability to activate evolved (or “ultimate”) versions of some of his most powerful alien entities! And Ben’s going to need all the power he can get to take on the brand new villain and his most formidable adversary yet, Aggregor!

CARTOON NETWORK – Sundays from 10 October, 10am

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, the third animated series based on Cartoon Network’s hit franchise, premieres on October 10 2010. Get ready for an action packed season, which picks up immediately from where Ben 10 Alien Force left off, as Ben Tennyson learns how to master the secrets of the mysterious Ultimatrix! Like the Omnitrix, the Ultimatrix allows Ben to transform into a variety of alien superheroes but with an explosive edge…. Ben can activate ultimate versions of his most powerful alien superheroes, as well as new ones! Not to mention, the ultimate secret is out! Ben has to deal with his new found fame between battling the incredible alien threats to the galaxy! Luckily, Gwen and Kevin are still by his side.