Better With You

Sons of Anarchy renewed

A sixth season of Sons of Anarchy has been commissioned before the fifth season has even premiered. The commission is part of creator Kurt Sutter’s new deal with Twentieth Century Fox.

Blair joins Sheen in sitcom

Selma Blair has been confirmed to appear in Charlie Sheen’s new sitcom Anger Management. The actress will play the therapist of Sheen’s character.

Garcia lands lead role

Former Better With You actress JoAnna Garcia has landed a lead role in a new comedy pilot which focusses on a man who realises that his best friend is the love of his life.

Cannavale joins Boardwalk Empire

Actor Bobby Cannavale has landed a major role in the third season of Boardwalk Empire. Cannavale will play a “charismatic but ruthless gangster”.

O’Quinn to guest in Falling Skies

Former Lost actor Terry O’Quinn has signed on for a guest role in Falling Skies. O’Quinn will appear in two episodes of the series.

Marsden and Richards to guest on 30 Rock

James Marsden has signed on for a role in 30 Rock’s sixth season. Denise Richards has also landed a role on the comedy series.

Snoop Dogg to feature in new sitcom

A new family sitcom pilot featuring Snoop Dogg has been picked up by the NBC network. The comedy is written by a writer who has been involved in the likes of Everybody Hates Chris and Two and a Half Men.

Second cancellation of the season

The second new season series to be cancelled is comedy Free Agents which starred Hank Azaria. The cancellation followed NBC’s earlier axing of The Playboy Club this week.

Simpsons producers will take pay cut

Several producers of The Simpsons have indicated they will be happy to take a pay cut in order to keep the cartoon on the air. The series is in danger of being axed due to a contract dispute between the show’s voice actors and 20th Century Fox.

New comedy developed for Garcia

A new comedy series is being developed for JoAnna Garcia, who previously featured in the axed comedy Better With You. The series will supposedly revolve around Garcia’s character moving in with her husband’s family.

8:00pm Friday, June 10 on TV2

Legendary television host Larry King guest stars as himself this week in TV2 comedy, Better With You.

Joanna Garcia who plays Mia on the show, revealed to the special relationship she has with her co-star Jennifer Finnegan, who pays her on-screen sister, Maddie.

“I have known [Jennifer] for many years. I’ve always rooted for her and adored her and we’ve been friends, so when we got the opportunity to work together it was really exciting.” The pint-sized actress believes the closeness that exists between all the cast members when the camera is not rolling translates on screen and helps to make the show so likeable and fun.

“It’s really magical. It’s not often that you get to work with people you truly adore,” she says.

Garcia who recently married New York Yankee Nick Swisher, was also thrilled to have her husband guest star on the show.

“My husband plays for a team in New York so it was a perfect backdrop and an opportunity for him to come on and play around with us. It was really fun. I was so proud of him – I thought he did such a great job.”

This week, expert dancer Casey (Jake Lacy) realises that Mia (Joanna Garcia) has two left feet during their ‘first wedding dance’ class. He purposely messes up his moves so he can let his bride-to-be look better and asks the dance instructor, Phillip (guest star Derek Hough, Dancing With The Stars), to keep his secret.

Meanwhile, Ben (Josh Cooke) runs into the legendary Larry King at his hotel and asks for advice on how to handle a spat he had with Maddie (Jennifer Finnigan) about Vicky (Debra Jo Rupp) and Joel (Kurt Fuller) – but Ben downplays what he really said about them.

Missed an episode of Better With You? Full episodes are available online. Go to and click the ‘Ondemand’ button.

Seems Friday the 13th was unlucky as ABC (US) announced that Brothers & Sisters, V, No Ordinary Family, Better With You and Off The Map, all of which screen on TV2, have been ofiicially cancelled.

8:00pm Friday, February 4 on TV2

There’s more romance, and arguing, this week in TV2’s comedy drama Better With You when Mia (Joanna Garcia, Gossip Girl), and Casey’s (Jake Lacy) flourishing relationship hits a bump in the road.

For Garcia, who plays the youngest member of the Putney family the chiming of wedding bells is all too familiar. Not only was her character getting married on the show, so too was Garcia getting ready to marry her real life love, New York Yankee, Nick Swisher.

Garcia admitted to the TV Guide , “I’m not nearly as much of a concerned bride as I thought I’d be. Nick virtually chose every thing except my dress. It’s pretty adorable,” she gushed.

The pint size thespian had a lot to look forward to including practicing her nuptials on the show before her own big day, and practicing being an expectant mother. The star laughs at how strange it was particularly seeing her character had known her new fianc� for only seven weeks. “You’re gonna put me on TV in a big white wedding dress with a 65-inch waist-band? Seriously?” She laughs.

The excited starlet confesses the real reason she was so excited to play a pregnant woman. “I don’t know about the wedding, but I know the baby is coming no matter what,” she confided. “I’m so ready, I can have an ice-cream sunday now because I’m pregnant this year on TV!”

Garcia’s co-star Jennifer Finnigan (Crossing Jordan), who play’s Mia’s older sister, Maddie, highlights the stark differences between the two siblings. “Maddie is very analytical, neurotic and really thinks things through before making decisions. She’s been with the same guy for nine years and is not married, nor has children, and doesn’t have any plans to … and her younger sister, Mia, is at the opposite end of the spectrum.

In this week’s episode of Better With You, when Casey and Mia have their first fight as an engaged couple, Casey implements his plan that stops all arguments cold. In an effort to help, Maddie decides to show them how arguing can actually be healthy for a relationship, but ends up exposing a fault in her own nine-year relationship with Ben (Josh Cooke).

8:00pm Wednesday, January 19 on TV2

Brand new comedy drama, Better With You, begins this week with a Sneak Peak of the first episode on Wednesday 19 January.

Maddie (Jennifer Finnigan) and Ben (Josh Cooke) have been dating for nine years. They know each other inside and out and their relationship is marked by contentment and affection. Maddie’s younger sister, Mia (JoAnna Garcia), has been dating Casey (Jake Lacy) for seven weeks. With a shared c’est la vie attitude, Mia and Casey are smitten with each other, and thrilled to explore the many things they don’t know about each other yet. But when they announce they are getting married and having a baby, it’s news that completely throws Maddie for a loop.

Surprisingly, the girls’ parents, Vicky (Debra Jo Rupp) and Joel (Kurt Fuller), couldn’t be more pleased. Married 35 years, they have recently adopted a ‘carpe diem type’ of attitude, mostly due to getting older and losing a good portion of their savings when the economy tanked. With three very different relationships tightly intertwined in one family, will it be free thinkers versus overthinkers, or will each couple begin to see things a little bit differently?

Writer and executive producer Shana Goldberg-Meehan (Friends, Mad About You) expertly crafts this romantic comedy series from the small moments that make all the difference in life.

The remainder of the series will screen in its regular time slot of Fridays at 8pm, with the second episode screening on Friday 21 January.