Between The Sheets

Saturdays at 10.30pm

Between the Sheets is a drama series that takes viewers under the covers to explore what is really going on in the bedroom, revolving around a series of couples who have turned to sex therapy to try and solve the problems in their relationships. Between The Sheets screens Saturdays at 10.30pm on TVNZ Showcase on TVNZ 6.

Self made man, ‘property developer’, Peter (Alun Armstrong) and Hazel Delany (Brenda Blethyn) seem to have the perfect marriage, but appearances can be deceptive. Elsewhere, Peter and Hazel’s son Simon (James Thornton) finds himself drawn to Georgia Lovett (Gaynor Faye), the hostess at one of his father’s lap dancing bars – but secrets threaten to tear their relationship apart.

Meanwhile, Alona Cunningham (Julie Graham) has her own problems to deal with when her partner Paul Andrews (Richard Armitage), a probation officer, is investigated about his relationship with one of his clients. Alona is torn as to whether she should believe Paul’s version of events or trust her instincts. Between The Sheets starts screening on TVNZ Showcase on Saturday 7 June.