Big Brother

Remember when Rove dominated the Friday night slot? Gosh that seems a looong time ago. Now everyone talks about sitting down to enjoy a few laughs on TV3 thanks to The Graham Norton Show and local shows 7 Days and WANNA-BEn.

My favourite part of 7 Days is the panels choosing captions for the photos, or explanations for a word in the news that week. I haven’t found the viewer caption competition very funny to date, but I think that’s more a limitation of just seeing the words printed on screen versus hearing comedians joke around and bounce ideas off each other.

WANNA-BEn is really growing on me too – I love all the well-known Kiwi cameos and his interactions with American celebrities – especially how they handle his randomness with such dignity and control. Here’s the preview for tonight’s episode (the final for this season): Continue reading »

Last year Australian Big Brother was not shown on NZ TV at all.The year before that it was broadcast weeks behind Australia, and in a timeslot of about Midday from Mon-Thurs.

This year will be the 7th Australian Big Brother, and quite frankly, I want to be able to watch it. Preferably not weeks late and at the most inconvenient time.

BB has a reported starting date of April 22nd, which is less than three weeks away. There has to be one station that are willing to get it, if it was put at a reasonable time I imagine it would get decent ratings, especially if promoted enough.

But once again it’s looking quite unlikely that any network is going to bring us Big Brother. What a pity. What a waste.

Does reality tv seem a little bit too far-fetched at the level which contestants live in a make-believe world? A new series by the creator of Big Brother, John de Mol takes this to a new level – contestants get to live in “A Golden Cage” where they live in a mansion with servants and swimming pools and enjoy all the luxuries of the high life (the Dutch pilot series even had prostitutes!). The catch is this: if they want to win the luxury mansion they can never leave the house, not for funerals, not for birthdays, not for conjugal visits with girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands or wives. Who would want to leave the Golden Cage??

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The seventh series of Big Brother in Australia hasn’t attracted large crowds of hopefuls like previous series have. About 900 turned out in Brisbane compared with 2000 people last year. Only 270 were there first thing in the morning.

Endemol Southern Star said it was about quality, not quantity.

No word yet on whether it will be shown on television in New Zealand.

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Back in 2007

Network Ten in Australian have announced that Big Brother would return next year.

TEN’s chief executive officer, Grant Blackley, said:

“Big Brother is an enormous, enduring franchise; no other program delivers the volume of television for and ratings share among viewers under-40. We are delighted to confirm Big Brother will be back in 2007. Each year our talented production team have the wonderful ability to reinvent the show to respond to what our audiences want to see. Big Brother will continue to entertain audiences for many years to come.”