Big Chef Takes On Little Chef

FOOD TELEVISION – Wednesdays from 8 September, 8.30pm

Big Chef Takes on Little Chef is an ambitious series that sees Heston Blumenthal take his revolutionary culinary and ingenious techniques into the world of the most conventional yet iconic of British brands. Little Chef is a British institution. The childhood memories of countless Brits are etched with images of Olympic breakfasts, Jubilee Pancakes and of course Fat Charlie. In 2007, Little Chef was saved from financial collapse by venture capitalists. Now in its 50th anniversary year, the home of the Olympic breakfast and Jubilee pancake is still in need of creative inspiration. Enter British Chef Heston Blumenthal. The nostalgia of the Little Chef brand is a strong childhood memory for this chef but he will have to work his magic if he is to restore it to former glories. Can a top chef with a reputation for excellence and gastronomic innovation turn around the fortunes of a fast food chain with 187 outlets?