Big Day

LIVING CHANNEL – Thursdays from 15 April, 9.30pm

Would you trust your in-laws to organise your wedding? In this new series, couples give total control of their wedding plans to their respective, very different families. From the venue to the dress to the speeches – everything is in the hands of parents, relatives and friends. They are aided by The Big Day Wedding Team – Nick the stylist and Hannah the party planner. They endeavour to make sure that everything happens on time and on budget – but there are few hurdles none the less! The couple only discover the choices that have been made on the big day itself. Will it be a disaster or the best day of the couple’s lives?

Big Day & Notes From The Underbelly
Friday 8 February, 7.30 & 8.00pm

A hilarious twosome joins TV2’s Friday night line-up this week, with two brand-new comedies back-to-back. Both series poke fun at life’s big landmark experiences – Big Day is all about the tumultuous planning of a wedding, while Notes From The Underbelly deals with the hilarity of first-time parenthood.

In Big Day a young couple struggles to make it through a most important day, as the outrageous events of that day unfold over the course of an entire season. As true intentions are misinterpreted, words misspoken, and the best laid plans gone to waste, control freak Alice and neurotic Danny struggle to make it work, despite the often ridiculous interference of their disparate collection of uninhibited family and friends!
Taking an idea from the series 24, each episode of Big Day provides a close up look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of Alice (Marla Sokoloff) and Danny’s (Josh Cooke) wedding. The series starts at 8.00am at Alice’s family home and the site of the day’s festivities and already thing are getting off to a rocky start.

Tightly-wound Alice is frantically doing sit-ups in a fury over an ice cream binge while Danny tries to soothe her. In the next room, the best man, Jay ‘Skobo’ Skobinsky (Stephen Rannazzisi) and the maid of honour, Alice’s older sister Becca (Miriam Shor), are just regaining consciousness following a drunken night together. While downstairs, the obsessive mother-of-the-bride (Wendie Mallick) sticks to her meticulous schedule and beats up on their harried wedding planner.

Mallick relished the role of controlling mother. “I find it’s a great cathartic character to play because she is just so nutty,” laughs Mallick, best known for playing famished fashionista Nina Van Horn on Just Shoot Me. “She just gets out of her mind crazy over these tiny, little things.”

While acknowledging the influence of 24 on the way the show is structured, creator Josh Goldsmith stresses its vastly different content. “They’re not defusing a nuclear bomb here. They’re arguing about salad!”

Notes From The Underbelly proves that surviving the politics of pregnancy and maintaining relationships with family and friends can be just as demanding as raising a child. As Andrew and Lauren embark on their journey into parenthood, they are surrounded by a close-knit circle of friends, all of whom have varying opinions, experience and advice on starting a family.

The series stars Jennifer Westfeldt (writer and star of hit indie film Kissing Jessica Stein) as Lauren, a sensible 30-something who ambivalently decides to have a baby with her ultra-clucky husband Andrew (Peter Cambor). Their friends Julie (Melanie Paxson) and Eric (Sunkrish Bala) who are also about to have their first child, are the overly excited, slightly obnoxious expectant parents that Andrew and Lauren hope to never become. Meanwhile, Lauren’s acid-tongued best friend, Cooper (Rachael Harris), is a divorce attorney and career woman who valiantly tries to prevent Lauren from becoming another member of the ‘mummy cult’.

Andrew and Lauren must cope with all of their friends’ advice, avoid the bleary-eyed new parents who bombard them with horror stories, stay in touch with their carefree single friends and still find time to research different brands of breast pumps!

Jennifer Westfeldt doesn’t have kids but says that she has been getting a birds-eye view of how intrusive people can be from friends who have had babies in the past year or two. She says; “I feel like it used to be so laid back. It’s just changed so much. Every aspect of the experience seems to have been taken over by an industry of experts and that leads to unbelievable pressure.”

Westfeldt enjoyed debunking some of the stories surrounding pregnancy. “For most people the myth out there is: ‘Oh, when you are pregnant you glow, and you’ve never been more beautiful or been more connected to the world.’ And I like that Notes From The Underbelly is a more honest version of the story. I guess it’s just not PC to talk about how difficult it is. So I think it’s kind of brave and cool to put it out there in a comedic way.”

Big Day at 7.30pm and Notes From The Underbelly at 8.00pm, on Friday 8 February.

“Big Day” is a new romantic comedy about life in the wild wedding lane and will start in the US on November 28th.

“Big Day” tells the stories you don’t see on the wedding video — the father who sits his daughter down on the morning of her big day and tells her he really doesn’t think she should marry this guy; the bitter bridesmaid older sister who sleeps with the best man and accidentally drinks his contact lenses, which he left in a glass of water on the nightstand, blinding him for the rest of the proceedings; the groomsman who’s secretly in love with the groom; the tightly wound mother of the bride who intimidates the nervous wedding planner into changing the salad (the bride’s choice, Caesar, is just so tacky!).

“Big Day” stars Marla Sokoloff (“The Practice”) as Alice and Josh Cooke as Danny – the blushing bride and groom — Wendie Malick (“Just Shoot Me”) as Jane, Kurt Fuller (“Anger Management”) as Steve, Miriam Shor as Becca, Stephen Rannazzisi as Skobo and the hilariously nervous Stephnie Weir (“Mad TV”) as Lorna.