Big Fat Family Challenge

A British family who feature in reality series Big Fat Family Challenge on TV One have slammed TVNZ for labelling them the as “Britain’s fattest and laziest family”.

The Chawner family, who weight about 500kg between the four of them, say they are disappointed with how TVNZ are marketing the show in New Zealand.

Philip Chawner, 56, told the Herald that he is disgusted with the broadcaster, as he believes they are not the fattest family in Britain.

“We was labelled … We feel disgusted about it, because we was just trying to lose weight. It’s our story and we just want to put it right,” he said.

The Chawners went public with their weight battle last year and have since copped criticism due to the fact none of them work and they all receive benefits.

Mr Chawner found out about the TVNZ marketing thanks to a kiwi Facebook user who contacted him.

“We’ve had a lot of feedback from people in New Zealand who all say they like the show, but it’s not fair how we’ve been targeted as the ‘fattest family’ because it’s not true and it’s a total lie,” he said.

“We’re definitely not the fattest family in England because there was a woman on our local TV this week, she was 51 stone [323kg] but they’re calling us the biggest family.”

TVNZ have said they marketed the programme using the materials given to them from the international distributer.

Source: Herald

8:30pm Thursday, April 14 on TV One

The Chawners are the family the British nation loves to hate. Combined they weigh more than 91 stones and live on state handouts. The youngest member of the family, Emma, 19, was brought to notoriety when she auditioned for the X- Factor and sang ‘My Heart Will Go On’. Undeterred by the judges negative comments, Emma has auditioned a total of three times.

Emma asked a well known British TV talk show host, Lorraine Kelly, to help her lose weight and Kelly agreed to help her and her whole family – sister Samantha mother Audrey and dad Philip.

“I am very concerned about the obesity levels in this country and I thought if the Chawners, who were labelled ‘the fattest and laziest family in the UK’, could be encouraged to change it would help others in the same boat.” explains Kelly.

“I couldn’t believe how much time they spent in front of the television and also the amount of junk they ate. They were doing no exercise at all, and eating the equivalent of pounds of deep fried lard. It was horrifying.” says Kelly

In episode one, Lorraine discovers that dad Phil has been given a few years to live unless he loses weight; Phil and Emma start their healthy regime by taking the dog for a walk; Mum Audrey watches television; and Emma and Sam are separated from their parents for the first time ever when they attend a weight loss camp.

Kelly admits “It has been emotional, tough and I am sure at times they wanted to quit. Toys gave been thrown out of the pram (mainly by the parents) and tempers have been frayed. They have said unforgiveable things to each other, but then have managed to forgive and forget. We have had ambulances rushing to hospital, screaming matches, tears, tantrums and heartache but also some lighter moments and even a few triumphs.”

After her first X-Factor audition Emma says “I was really depressed” about the public criticism that she faced for being overweight.

However, Emma admits “the press did help spur us on and make us open to the idea of losing weight with Lorraine.”

The toughest challenge was “I had to give up smoking for a month when I went to the Wellspring UK weight loss camp; that was tough to give up.” says Emma.

Emma has been invited to perform in front of audience of 30,000 at the end of her diet – will she be laughed off the stage or will Simon Cowell wish he’d signed her up at her first X-Factor audition?