Big Fat Gypsy Weddings

8:30pm Thursday, August 2 on TV One

TV ONE’s runaway hit of 2011 is back, with more brides, more drama and more outrageous wedding dresses than ever before.

In tonight’s season finale, traveller celebrations have always been a family affair. Although the traditional way of life has declined in recent years, the large tight-knit family unit still lies at the heart of the traveller community.

Catch up with 15-year-old Cheyenne, who we last saw at a wedding being ‘grabbed’ by cage fighter John. In fast-track traveller style, Cheyenne and John are now engaged to be married. Soon to be 16, Cheyenne has the daunting task of organising the wedding on her own as she deals with the recent death of her mother.

And see how Josie McFadyen and her husband Swanley are doing after they first appeared in the last season. Recently convicted Josie is planning the christening of her six-month-old daughter, but still finds the time to decorate her electronic tag with bling.

8:30pm Thursday, July 19 on TV One

TV ONE’s runaway hit of 2011 is back with more brides, more drama and more outrageous wedding dresses than ever before.

Tonight, a clean family name is crucial for gypsies and the consequences of losing it are devastating.

26-year-old traveller Pricilla is used to scandal. Divorced with four kids, she’s planning to shock the travelling community once more with a second marriage to a non-traveller. To prepare for the wedding of her dreams, Pricilla is making sure she looks her best – with a boob job and tummy tuck in Poland.

Paddy Doherty’s son Simey is training to fight for the family honour, and Paddy and Rosanne throw a spectacular New Year’s Eve party celebrating what has been a life-changing year.

Meanwhile, Mikey explains what it’s like growing up and coming out as gay in the gypsy community.

8:30pm Thursday, July 12 on TV One

TV ONE’s runaway hit of 2011 is back with more brides, more drama and more outrageous wedding dresses than ever before.

Tonight, marrying outside of the Gypsy community has long been frowned upon. So it’s no surprise cage fighter Tony has displeased his family by fathering a child with non-traveller glamour model, Danielle. Gypsy values are at odds with women flaunting their private parts and Danielle has no intention of giving up modelling, even though she’s heavily pregnant.

Catch up with non-traveller Sam, who entered the Gypsy world when she married Pat in the last season. The couple are now expecting their first child and Sam is faced with the prospect of bringing up her baby in a small caravan situated next to a waste disposal unit.

And Gypsy Tracey and non-traveller Phil have been married for 10 years, and are an example of a mixed marriage that works. But their wedding was a low key affair and they have decided to renew their vows, allowing Tracey to have the lavish wedding she has always wanted.

8:30pm Thursday, July 5 on TV One

TV ONE’s runaway hit of 2011 is back with more brides, more drama and more outrageous wedding dresses than ever before.

Tonight, 15-year-old Santana is expected to follow strict rules and set a good example for her younger family members. No longer at school, she spends a lot of her time cleaning the family home.

About to celebrate her birthday, she is planning a lavish sweet 16th birthday party – complete with a dress made by Thelma and a 15-tier cake decorated with fireworks.

Romany gypsies Alice and Angel are best friends. 12-year-old Alice left school during primary school and now works at her Dad’s horse fair, while her 7-year-old brother Mikey drives a digger better than some 20-year-olds. Best friend Angel has decided to stay in school but faces racial abuse daily and is finding it stressful to attend.

8:30pm Thursday, June 28 on TV One

TV ONE’s runaway hit of 2011 is back with more brides, more drama and more outrageous wedding dresses than ever before.

Tonight, despite a way of life that can often put them in conflict with the law, gypsies and travellers will always find a way to celebrate.

Danielle is determined to live her life in a traditional way and at just 15-years-old is planning a lavish black, pink and bling hen party. The only problem is her intended, 20-year-old Brendan, is up in court on the same day.

Eight-year-old Chloe’s Mum has ordered a massive ‘sticky out’ dress for her daughter’s communion. But there will be one person missing on her special day. Her dad is in Strangeways Prison, but Chloe is determined he will get to see her in her dress.

Ambrose is in training for a trap and horse road race to take place on the public highway. It’s an age old gypsy tradition but it’s now against the law, and for the race to go ahead Ambrose will have to avoid the local constabulary.

And in Leeds, 22-year-old Mary and her fellow Irish travelers have been kicked off their illegal site. Under cover of dark they race to find a new site before the police can stop them.

8:30pm Thursday, June 21 on TV One

TV ONE’s runaway hit of 2011 is back with more brides, more drama, and more outrageous wedding dresses than ever before.

Staying true to the much-loved first series, seven brand new episodes offer unprecedented access to members of traveller and gypsy communities, to gain an even greater insight into their world.

This series delves deeper and explores issues ranging from how travellers are affected by crime, punishment, honour, heritage, money, eviction laws, education, family, and their complex relationship with the non-gypsy community.

As well as meeting new faces, we also catch up on the lives of some familiar favourites, following the births, engagements, marriages, qualifications, evictions and divorces that have happened since the last series.

This series examines what it really means to be a gypsy or traveller in Britain today – for better or for worse.

8:30pm Thursday, September 1 on TV One

A one-off TV ONE special, My Bigger Fatter Gypsy Wedding features the biggest traveller wedding of the year!

As grand as the Royal event itself, a very unique wedding is taking place in Peterborough between Irish travellers Mary and Paddy.

23-year-old Mary courted her groom Paddy for three years before deciding to marry him.

Mary has grandiose ideas about what she wants for her special day and like most brides she confesses that she’s been dreaming of her wedding day for years.

Making the day extraordinary for the couple is the job of dressmaker Thelma Madine and her team. They’re tasked to pull off a Bigger Fatter Gypsy Wedding that will rival the Royal wedding of William and Kate in the glitz and glamour stakes… and have just three weeks to do it.

Missed My Bigger Fatter Gypsy Wedding? The one-off special is available on line. Go to and click ‘on demand’.

8:30pm Thursday, August 18 on TV One

The world according to Gypsy men . . .

Whilst gypsy and traveller women all want to be a princess on their wedding day the reality in the gypsy community is that on every other day it is man who is King.

The fourth in this five part series looks at the testosterone filled world of the traveller man, where disputes are settled with fists and status conveyed by the car that you drive.

Ex-bare-knuckle boxer Paddy – the patriarch of a Salford traveller site – explains the role of a traveller man and, crucially, how he earns enough to keep wife Roseanne happy. Tonight, see a christening, weddings and a uniquely traveller memorial service… all from the man’s point of view.

It also follows the run-up to the wedding of Romany gypsy Violet Ann. Violet Ann is used to being independent but, due to be married, she is about to give up her job to become a gypsy wife. Until now she has hidden her gypsy identity from her employer for fear of reprisal, but two days before the wedding she finally feels able to reveal to her boss who she really is.

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8:30pm Thursday, August 11 on TV One

The runaway UK TV hit series, Big Fat Gypsy Weddings continues tonight on TV ONE.

In this episode, Big Fat Gypsy Weddings explores the clear and defined roles of young men and women in the gypsy and traveller community, and reveals attitudes toward education, marriage and domestic violence.

Both sexes tend to leave school early, the boys to work and the girls to get married.

As 18-year-old Irish traveller Lizzie prepares to get married and leave the family trailer, her 13-year-old sister Margaret is lined up to take over her role, leaving school to help at home and care for her younger siblings.

16-year-old Noreen bucks the trend: she does not want to live the life of a traditional traveller wife and has a job. She can also can read and write which is not the case for a large number of her peers.

16-year-old Martin Tom visits Appleby Fair with the intention of ‘grabbing’ a traveller girl. He reveals that the strict rules of conduct are not the same for both sexes.

And Bridget, who unusually for a traveller woman left her husband after suffering domestic violence, prepares for her daughter’s wedding with mixed emotions.

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