Big Trouble In Thailand

9:30pm Thursday, September 16 on TV One

Big Trouble In Thailand is an action packed fly-on-the-wall series that follows a group of specially recruited British ex-pats who have joined the formidable Thai Tourist Police force, to aid them in their difficult job policing fellow Westerners unaware and oblivious to Thailand’s unfamiliar traditions, culture and rules.

Many Brits view Thailand as the new Ibiza – a safe place to party hard. However, last year nearly 288 Brits were killed and over 40 ended up in prison.

In tonight’s episode, Micha, the 19-year-old girl from Cumbria who was arrested at last week’s party for drug possession faces her big day in court; if found guilty she could be sent to one of Thailand’s notorious prisons.

For Micha, being caught with drugs that weren’t hers meant little or nothing to the officers who threw her in jail. “Some police just came out of nowhere, and then put me in a cell. Here when you’re caught with it, whether it’s yours or not, that’s it, you’re put in prison”, she says.

Although eventually scrapping together enough cash to make bail, Tourist Police volunteer Linda is all too aware of the heavy fines and a potential prison sentence facing Micha.

“Well [the Thai justice system’s] drill is okay, however, there’s still a big deal to go through here. It’s tough and we have to be thinking about it now, it’s serious, it really is,” says Lisa.

When the reality of the charges facing Micha hit home, it all becomes too much to bear: “Oh my god I’ve been arrested in Thailand for drugs. And you know, only convicted criminals get their fingerprints taken,” she says.

Back in Pattaya the Tourist Police have to deal with two off-duty mercenaries who cause havoc in a bar, and a drunk England supporter who urinates over a taxi driver’s car bonnet and gets attacked by the locals for the insult. Finally in Phuket the town is turned upside down when a British Navy ship makes a visit and hundreds of drunken sailors cause mischief.