Big Voice

LIVING CHANNEL – Thursdays from 19 May, 10.30pm

There is a unique and powerful voice in everyone that sometimes just needs a little professional help to bring out. Big Voice takes everyday women from the shower to the stage, helping them realise their true musical potential. In each episode, Elaine Overholt (vocal “guru” to the stars) meets a new songstress and learns both her story and what her ultimate performance dream is – whether it’s crooning a jazz standard in a tiny, crowded piano bar or belting out a theatrical tune on a Broadway stage in front of thousands. With the help of expert choreographers, performance coaches and stylists, Elaine addresses all areas needed to nail a world-class performance. The students will discover that tuning in to their big voice isn’t always easy. But through persistence, motivation, and sometimes a little tough love, Elaine never lets them give up on their dream. When the big day finally comes, Elaine sits front and centre as her students take the stage for their singing debut.