Biggest And Baddest

NiallMcCannAnacondaBiggestandBaddestSeason1Biologist-adventurer Niall McCann goes deeper, further and deadlier in his quest to discover the planet’s most formidable animals.

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ANIMAL PLANET – Thursdays from 29 November, 9.30pm

Adventurer and Biologist Niall McCann is on a global adventure to find the Biggest and Baddest creatures on the planet. Working with locals, attack victims, big game hunters and experts, Niall will gain intimate knowledge of the animals. Niall hunts down these fantastic animals in the far corners of the earth, using any means necessary, travelling by land, sea and air: in planes, jeeps, on elephant back and by canoe. From wrestling with Anacondas, taking DNA samples from giant hogs, to measuring marauding elephants and re-locating ferocious crocodiles Niall’s efforts will convince audiences that these are the Biggest and Baddest creatures walking the planet.