Bizarre ER

CRIME & INVESTIGATION – Thursdays from 5 April, 8pm

This hit medical series returns for more interesting, unusual and extreme medical cases. Filmed in hospital wards across the UK, you’ll go behind the scenes to reveal remarkable and often shocking, real life cases, from admission through to treatment and discharge. Not for the faint-hearted it features some of the most extraordinary accidents and injuries as well as weird and wonderful accident-related facts and statistics. Bizarre E.R. offers an eye-watering insight into human ingenuity and our relative indestructibility paying tribute to the doctors and nurses who cope with the most testing situations. This new season includes the treatment of a parachutist who survived a fall of 12,000 feet when his parachute failed; a boy whose nose was cut off by a flying boomerang; a sleepwalker who fell 72 feet from a hotel balcony; a man who shot himself in the heart with a nail gun whilst engaging in DIY; and a runner who was struck by a billion-volt bolt of lightning, conducted by his crucifix necklace.