Black Books

9:15pm Friday, May 7 on Prime


Moo-Ma and Moo-Pa

Manny’s parents come to stay tonight on Black Books, and they’re a perfectly nice middle-aged couple with one or two slightly annoying habits. Bernard wants rid of them, preferably the day before yesterday. Fran is rather grumpy about pretending to be Manny’s girlfriend to corroborate Manny’s letters home, in which his life’s achievements have been somewhat exaggerated. Featuring guest appearances from Annette Crosbie and Sam Kelly.

9:00pm Friday, April 30 on Prime


Elephants and Hens

It’s International Children’s Book week in Black Books. Bernard and Manny decide that they can do better than the trash that children are offered these days, deciding to write their own kids’ classic and retire Rowling-rich. Fran is off on a hen weekend with her best friends from school so there’s no way she can fall out with them. Or is there? This is arguably one of the funniest episodes of Black Books, so believe us when we say you won’t want to miss it!

9:00pm Friday, April 23 on Prime

Manny Come Home

Tonight Prime welcomes series 3 of Black Books; concerning the musings, doings and time-frittering techniques of raddled proprietor Bernard Black (Dylan Moran), his shy, multi-challenged assistant Manny Bianco (Bill Bailey) and their under-achieving friend Fran Katzenjammer (Tamsin Greig). This dubious trio form a family of sorts to protect each other from the realities of modern London, but nothing can protect them from each other.

On tonight’s episode Fran comes back from holiday to discover that Manny has resigned and is now working next door at Goliath Books. Left to his own devices, Bernard has let things slip a little. He is living amid a pile of rubbish, rotting food and dead badgers. Fran wants to get Manny back in Black Books so he can clear up and make her tea, but Evan, the manager of Goliath, has plans for Manny and has no intention of letting him go. Guest starring Simon Pegg.

8:00pm Saturday, March 6 on Prime


Prime follows our ODI cricket coverage with a favourite episode of Black Books. This classic comedy stars Dylan Moran as disenchanted bookseller Bernard Black and Bill Bailey as his assistant Manny, who has to cope with a weird boss and even weirder customers. Tamsin Greig plays the scatty Fran who, for reasons best known to herself, is Bernard’s one and only friend.

When his dodgy accountant goes on the run, Bernard finds himself having to fill in his own tax return – not the easiest thing when you’re mathematically illiterate. Perhaps some sort of crippling injury is the way out? Meanwhile, Fran discovers a Thing.

Bernard and Manny can’t hear themselves argue because of the builders next door in this final episode of the second series. 

Fran suggests a holiday. But how will the three of them fare when they attempt to venture abroad together?

Friday 22nd May 8.00pm on PRIME

Fran tries to discover her inner karma at the advice of her disapproving friend Eva (Jessica Hyne, Spaced and The Royle Family). 

Meanwhile, Bernard finds positive proof that Manny is mad.

Unemployed and restless, Fran takes comfort in the discovery of her exotic new-found cousins. 

And in a misguided pursuit of Michelin stars, Manny and Bernard transform the infested bookshop into a restaurant.


Manny uses his underworld connections to find Fran mysterious employment. In return all that Bernard and Manny have to do is educate a psychopath. But will they succeed in teaching dodgy Danny to read? And how does Bernard feel at the prospect of losing his thumbs?

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As the temperature creeps slowly towards 88 degrees, Manny desperately seeks out new ways to stay cool, lest he trigger his “Dave syndrome”.

Meanwhile an unsympathetic Bernard falls hopelessly in love with Fran’s new neighbour, who is unknowingly taking over Fran’s apartment.

SEE DYLAN MORAN LIVE! Be in with a chance to win tickets to Dylan Moran’s stand-up show by checking out the ‘Watch & Win’ competition in tonight’s episode.


In series two, Black Books continues to be a haven of books, wine and conversation – where the only threat to the group’s peace and prosperity is their own limitless stupidity.

Ever keen to distract herself, Fran takes up piano. Ever keen to delude himself, Bernard falls in love. All Manny wants is a break. But genius finds no rest as Fran lies to a sweet old blind man and Bernard deceives his adoring public

SEE DYLAN MORAN LIVE! Be in with a chance to win tickets to Dylan Moran’s stand-up show by checking out the ‘Watch & Win’ competition in tonight’s episode.