Blackadder Goes Forth

8:00pm Friday, October 1 on Prime


Good Bye

Edmund and Lt. Barley share a nice rat stroganoff in their tent when word arrives that tomorrow morning the troops are going “over the top.” Could a feigned bout of insanity put Edmund on the road to Calais?

8:00pm Friday, September 24 on Prime


General Hospital

Edmund is given three weeks to find a spy in the hospital in tonight’s episode of Blackadder Goes Forth. He takes this as an opportunity to get on with the lovely Nurse Mary and to spend the better portion of those weeks in bed.

8:00pm Friday, September 17 on Prime


Private Plane

Blackadder joins the Royal Flying Corps in order to escape the trenches tonight. When he crashes behind the enemy lines with Baldrick, Lord Flashheart battles the Red Baron in order to rescue them.

8:00pm Friday, September 10 on Prime


Major Stan

Bad news reaches the trenches tonight. The October Revolution in Moscow has produced three appalling results: a cease-fire by Russia, an offensive by Germany and a Charlie Chaplin impression by Baldrick.

8:00pm Friday, September 3 on Prime


In 13 years of service to King and Country, Edmund has faced danger: in Nepal tackling an over-spiced curry; in Mombassa, confronting 200,000 grass-skirted men. But now he is truly in a pickle.