tame-the-gc-mwns2014Last night, Mediaworks announced what we can only assume is part of their line up for 2014 due to their ongoing negotiations with their output deal with Fox.  CEO Paul Maher told everyone that the deal was inches away but clearly it would be wrong to either announce or screen anything new while the agreement is still being put together.  There are rumors circulating that TV3 have lost Homeland, among others, but while the commercially sensitive negotiations are still underway, nothing is being confirmed or denied.

On arriving at Shed 10, it was fairly clear that The GC was returning.  Tame Noema was one of the waiters handing out drinks to everyone.

Guy Williams must be TV3’s go to guy for warming up every audience as it was he who herded everyone to their seats and got them ready for the presentation of the 2014 new season.

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