Bleak House

UKTV – Wednesdays from 7 January, 8.30pm

Bleak House is a star studded adaptation of one of Charles Dickens’ most brilliant novels. Set amidst the foggy slums of London, the maze of Inns of Court and the peaceful English Countryside, Bleak House is generally regarded as the greatest-ever depiction of Victorian London.  Fresh and imaginative, yet faithful to the original, this thrilling fast-paced adaptation is shot with a contemporary edge.

At the heart of the story is the icily beautiful Lady Dedlock, who nurses a dark secret, and the merciless lawyer Tulkinghorn, who seeks to uncover it. The generous John Jarndyce, struggling with his own past, and his two young wards Richard and Ada. They’re all caught up in the in the infamous case of Jarndyce vs. Jarndyce – a legal case stuck for years in London’s Court of Chancery which shows up the greed and corruption at the heart of society and promises to make one of the Jarndyce’s rich beyond imagination, if it can ever be brought to a conclusion.

As Tulkinghorn digs deeper into Lady Dedlock’s past, he unearths a secret that will change their lives forever, and which is almost as astounding as the final outcome of the Jarndyce case.

Bleak House is guaranteed to hook viewer’s right from the start.

Stars: Gillian Anderson (X-Files and A Cock and Bull Story), Charles Dance (Murder Rooms and Trial & Retribution) and Denis Lawson (Holby City and Sensitive Skin).