Blue Murder

VIBE – Tuesdays from 18 September, 8.30pm

As if motherhood wasn’t demanding enough, top-ranking detective Janine Lewis has another murder to deal with.Detective Lewis (Caroline Quentin, Jonathan Creek) is a single mum who’s been deserted by a wayward husband. She strives to balance the responsibilities of her high-powered career and close-knit team with the demands of home life and is all set for a weekend away with her three children when a vicious killing intervenes. Given just 48 hours to track down the murderer, she has to contend with an array of difficult suspects, none of whom are revealing quite as much as they could.

VIBE – Mondays from 24 January, 9.30pm

Motherhood is a juggling act, especially when you have the brutal murder of a teacher to contend with and the suspects and witnesses aren’t telling everything that they could…

Top-ranking detective Janine Lewis’ (Caroline Quentin, Jonathan Creek) plans for a family weekend go awry when a vicious killing takes place, and she is given just 48 hours to track down the murderer – could it be the grieving wife with a dodgy alibi, a local low-life with a vendetta against the dead teacher or an ex-con now on the run? But the difficulties at work that Janine faces are nothing compared to her loving but chaotic home life. A single mum who’s been deserted by a wayward husband, she strives to balance the responsibilities of her high-powered career and close-knit team with the demands of home life.

New Crime Line-Up: Criminal Intent & Blue Murder

SKY 1 – Tuesdays 9.30pm & 10.30pm, from 27 November

Criminal Intent, the compelling series from the producers of the Emmy Award-winning Law & Order franchise, returns to SKY 1. Detective Robert Goren (Vincent D’Onofrio) is called in by NYPD Captain James Deacon (Jamey Sheridan) to expose the ‘criminal intent’ behind high-profile crimes. The investigations continue with new season episodes of Blue Murder, chronicling the efforts of a special team of big-city police investigators who solve high profile, politically sensitive crimes. New developments in the Blue Murder unit threaten the unity of the team, making new cases even tougher to crack. Central to the new tensions, Maurice Dean Wint (Rude, Curtis’s Charm) joins the ensemble cast playing Corporal Nathaniel Sweet, a driven RCMP officer with an outstanding record.


The investigation into a drive-by shooting reveals one of the victims was leading a double life.

During a heist on a jewellery shop, a teenage girl called Hayley is killed in the getaway. The getaway driver, Tony, is injured and caught. On the way from hospital to the police station to give a statement, a motorcyclist pulls up alongside the police car and shoots him dead, along with his police driver Eddie Carter. Janine and Richard, only metres away from the car, are lucky to survive. Ellie, Janine’s daughter finally gives her mother an ultimatum; she is off to stay with her dad and won’t come back until she gets another job. Feelings soon run high as Janine investigates the shooting, could it be Hayley’s boyfriend avenging her death, or the jewellery thieves trying to shut him up?

BLUE MURDER, Saturday 24th November at 8.40pm


In this British drama series, Caroline Quentin stars as top-ranking detective Janine Lewis who juggles her chaotic family life with her high-powered career.

When Vinny McAteer confesses to the murder of his son in law, DCI Janine Lewis and her team hope they can all get home early for once. But as Vinny’s confession unravels Janine is faced with a roomful of McAteers, all claiming responsibility, all claiming to have worked alone. Is it a clever defence for Vinny or is one of them the real killer?

BLUE MURDER, Saturday 17th November at 8.35pm

A gritty drama series following the officers who make up the Blue Murder squad, an elite group of big-city investigators out to solve some of Toronto’s most complicated and riveting crimes.