Bob And Rose

Saturday 30 August, 10.30pm

Alan Davies (Jonathan Creek) and Lesley Sharp (The Full Monty) star in a comedy drama in which a gay man and a straight woman do the unthinkable and fall in love – with each other.

Rose is down to earth, sassy, funny and straight talking. To help her cash-flow situation, she lives with her Mum, Carol. But Carol has met Trevor, and he would like to move in, so it would suit them if Rose’s boyfriend Andy were to propose. Andy is a good boyfriend … then she meets Bob.
Bob lives in another world. He’s in his early thirties, sexy, a happy-go-lucky ‘out’ gay man, who likes drinking with his friends, clubbing and one night stands. Bob’s a teacher, with a nice house and supportive middle class parents. He’s certainly not expecting to meet someone like Rose…

They meet by chance and immediately something clicks. Bob doesn’t tell her that he’s gay straight away – she’s still a stranger, after all. A friendship starts to develop, but their feelings for each other surprise them both. They fall in love. As their feelings become deeper they realise that, sometimes, love can transcend even the obstacle of sexuality. Bob is still a gay man, he just loves Rose more than he’s loved anyone in his life.

In their heart of hearts, Bob and Rose know they are doing the right thing, but everyone around them thinks they’re crazy. Gay men think Bob a traitor, or perhaps that he’s justscared of ending up alone. Rose’s friends think she’s a complete fool. Even Bob and Rose question their relationship and wonder if they’re hurtling towards the biggest heartache ever: marriage and family.

Davies admits that this series provided one of his worst moments in television. “My most embarrassing moment was while filming Bob and Rose, when I snogged a bloke. We were both straight and got ourselves in a pickle about it, but it wasn’t so much kissing him as kissing him so badly. He was quite forceful and kept pushing my head back out of shot.”