Boiling Point

THE BOX – Wednesday 5 December, 8.30pm

Boiling Point stars Wesley Snipes as Jimmy Mercer, a Treasury agent whose sting operation goes bad. Engineered by Ronnie (Viggo Mortensen), a dull-witted but sadistic ex-con, the operation not only fails, but one of Jimmy’s colleagues is killed by Ronnie in the process. As punishment, Jimmy is exiled to Newark, where he is given seven days to find the man responsible for the death of the officer.

The BOX – Saturdays from 4 June, 9.30pm

This months Action All-Stars Movies all star our favourite action hero from the Bronx, Wesley Snipes.

The month kicks off with Boiling Point where Wesley plays Jimmy Mercer, a secret service agent on a quest for revenge.

NZ Television Premiere: Boiling Point
MTV – Mondays from 5 March, 5pm

This hilarious MTV show pranks unsuspecting guests, testing their patience to see just how long before they reach boiling point. If they do reach boiling point before the set time they walk away empty handed however if they can outlast the clock and keep their cool they win $100.

NZ Television Premiere: Dancelife
MTV – Mondays from 5 March, 8pm

From executive producer Jennifer Lopez comes Dancelife, a series about the real lives of dancers working to make it in Hollywood. Six dancers, six interconnected stories, ONE dream – to dance their way to the top. Part of Monday Night’s A Bitch.