Bondi Rescue: Bali

7:30pm Tuesday, September 29 on Prime


Inflatable toys cause havoc in the surf as Korean tourists need to be rescued not once, but twice. The lifeguards try to explain the dangers of ‘donuts’ on the beach but their words are lost in translation.

Surfers catching waves between flags claim several victims. A young boy requires stitches after his own brother lets his board get away from him. The lifeguards try to move surfers away from the swimming area but get resistance from a few men.

After two months on Kuta Beach, the Bondi Boys tour of duty is drawing to an end. They say their goodbyes and celebrate with an end of season bash!!

7:30pm Tuesday, September 22 on Prime


Kuta beach becomes a death trap when the worst rip Bondi’s lifeguards have ever seen starts hauling swimmers out to sea. Tagged the ‘Java Express’, it is Bali’s most lethal rip under full steam claiming tourists from all parts of the world.

The ‘Java Express’ draws everyone’s attention to the water, but a young boy on land is badly in need of a watchful eye as stumbles along alone. Holding back the tears as he searches for his family, the young tot refuses assistance from everyone on the beach, and his plight becomes a frustrating challenge.

7:30pm Tuesday, September 15 on Prime


New team leader Azza lays down the law on the beach by addressing the local lifeguards’ work ethic. He is concerned with them drinking on the beach. It seems that after a hard day watching the surf they like to enjoy a few beers!

Meanwhile Whippet is desperately waiting for an ambulance to transport a victim to the hospital but he struggles to makes sense of the victims deteriorating condition in the first aid tent. Reidy finds himself in a hostile showdown with a large and very irate German tourist. Things get heated which leads to an altercation.

An Australian man breaks his foot in the surf but receives absolutely no sympathy from his family. And a man proves umbrellas and surf don’t mix.

7:30pm Tuesday, September 1 on Prime


Terry and Harries encounter the biggest fin-chop injury they have even seen, even bigger than the ones they have treated on Bondi Beach. It seems that a beginner surfer, Kaj, on holidays from Norway, had a huge altercation with the fin of his board. As Kaj is stretchered to the ambulance he calls out in shock: “Will they have to amputate my leg?”

Tom, a first time visitor to Bali, is fully immersed in the culture and history of Bali when he and Yatesy join 200,000 people to see the Balinese King cremated in the mountain town of Ubud.

This once in a lifetime opportunity is a colourful, mysterious and extremely moving opportunity for our boys in blue. Adorned in the traditional Balinese clothing, it is an experience that Tom and Yatesy will remember for the rest of their lives.

The Bondi lifeguards have been taking their time in Bali seriously undertaking weekly Indonesian lessons. In an effort to learn more, they attend a local junior high school in Kuta, to practice their Indonesian, resulting in a hilarious exchange with local students.

7:30pm Tuesday, August 18 on Prime


The Bondi lifeguards have now spent a few weeks without the resources and equipment they are used to back home on Bondi Beach and the frustration and strain is becoming increasingly obvious.

The Bondi lifeguards are hoping to make a difference and Whippet arrives from Sydney just in time with some gifts.

As he exclaims that he is, “an excess baggage collector’s dream,” the boys help him unload the van and an array of new equipment including binoculars, rescue boards, oxygen, defibrillators, spinal boards and quad bikes.

It’s as if Christmas has come early for the Balinese lifeguards and they can’t wait to learn how to operate all of the new equipment. For some of them, they have never even seen defibrillators, spinal boards and quad bikes. It’s a reminder to the Bondi lifeguards just how much they take for granted and just how lucky they are back home.

7:30pm Tuesday, August 11 on Prime


Our Balinese lifeguards invite the Bondi boys to their weekly training session which includes a very amusing callisthenics routine (complete with lycra outfits) chased down by a drink of three raw eggs in orange juice. Chappo and Yatesy turn up 20 minutes late to training and the Balinese lifeguards are forced to administer severe punishment in the form of gruelling push ups.

Terry now gives permission for the boys in blue to join in rescues and assist the Balinese lifeguards if the need arises, but as they get involved they realise how inadequate the Balinese lifeguards’ equipment is.

As the episode progresses and the rescues increase, the lifeguards begin to feel frustrated by the lack of resources and Balinese lifeguard Marshello is forced to use one of the cameramen’s radio to call in a rescue, while at Post 2, lifeguards are forced to run one kilometre up the beach to perform a rescue.

After lifeguards rescue three sisters who have been dragged out to sea, they have trouble resuscitating one of them without an oxygen kit. Her life hangs in the balance and the sheer frustration and disappointment is clearly visible on the faces of the Bondi lifeguards.

7:30 pm Friday, August 7 on Prime


It is winter on Bondi Beach and most of the lifeguards have drifted away leaving only a few permanent lifeguards to keep watch over their beach. Most of the lifeguards spend winter in other jobs – but some seek adventure where the sun is still shining and the waves are pounding.

For years Bali has been a favourite winter destination for the lifeguards. They surf, play and relax. But their Bali counterparts – the Kuta lifeguards – who patrol one of the busiest beaches in the world have to cope with a huge influx of tourists from Australia and all over the world. This year the

Bondi lifeguards will be here to help.

Bali is one of the world’s great tourist destinations offering sun, sand and surf combined with an exotic culture. And Kuta Beach is at the centre of this international icon. This series examines the meeting of culture – what life is like on one of the world’s most famous surf beaches?

Kuta is a great beach but at the same time a very dangerous one. The team of professional lifeguards from Australia’s Bondi Beach arrives just in time for the school holidays. The Bondi Lifeguards have put their hands up to spend two months helping the Kuta lifeguards conduct their patrols.

EPISODE ONE – On their arrival, the Bondi lifeguards are treated to a traditional Balinese welcome ceremony, and for some of the lifeguards who have never been to Bali before, including Tom and Yatesy, they are completely overwhelmed by the culture, tradition and history.

In their first few days on Kuta Beach the lifeguards, while struggling to overcome the heat, humidity and the sheer size of the beach, are confronted with a number of dramatic rescues.

From dislocated shoulders to heat exhaustion to drownings the boys in blue work together with the Balinese lifeguards to patrol the 7km stretch of beach and bring a little bit of Bondi to Bali.