Bone Kickers

Tuesday 11th November 7.30pm

A discovery in war-torn Iraq is the catalyst for a reunion of old friends. The rest of the team get a few clues to Gillian’s own past with the appearance of Kahmil Hammadi, who studied alongside both Gillian and Ben many years earlier.

Artefact dealer Max Garris has shown Kahmil a unique serpent necklace found by a photographer working in Iraq, and wants the Bonekickers team’s opinion on it.
But when Max is found dead and Kahmil is the one to find him, the team start to believe that their old friend may have a few things to hide.

They discover that the artefacts found by the photographer hold prophecies to various great wars throughout the centuries and Kahmil believes that if he possesses them he could unite the divisions in Iraq.

Tuesday 4th November 7.30pm

The team explores a mystery close to home as a cave linked to Warrior Queen Boudica is discovered near their UK base and Gillian and Ben find themselves in a race against time to escape dangerous gases when they’re trapped underground.

When a dig at the famous Roman Baths unearths a beautiful and ornate cave, it soon becomes clear that it was used to hold two prisoners.

Team leader Gillian is convinced that Boudica wasn’t killed in battle as believed, but was actually held captive for many years — could this be the place where she was hidden away? But who was the other one and what was their connection to the Warrior Queen?

Unbeknown to the rest of the team, Gillian and Ben go back inside but are trapped as a tunnel collapses, and have to dodge centuries-old booby traps and toxic gases in their desperate bid to escape.

Tuesday 28th October 8.30pm

The team is caught up in a dangerous political storm when they uncover the bones of 18th century slaves on the banks of a major river crossing.

They uncover what appear to be the remains of slaves being transported from England to America, and their media-hungry boss Daniel Mastiff decides that the discovery could lead to another television venture for him.
The publicity prompts the involvement of leading figures in the black community, including Doctor Sarpong who demands that the bones are taken back to Africa. When Doctor Sarpong is found murdered, the Bonekickers realise they are up against a powerful society who will do anything to cover up the truth.

Tuesday 21st October 8.30pm

PRIME’s brand new series sees an intrepid group of archaeologists fighting for their lives when an apparent miracle makes them the target of dangerous religious zealots.

Head Archaeologist and Team Leader, Gillian doesn’t give new recruit Vivian the warmest of welcomes, but lets her prove her worth by leaving the eager young intern alone at their latest dig while the rest of the team has to attend an important function.

The inexperienced Vivian allows a young hospice nurse to inspect the site close up when she hurts her hand on a chunk of wood at the site. The nurse later tells the press that a dying patient made a miraculous recovery when she touched him with the same hand

To Gillian’s fury, hundreds of people descend on the dig as speculation mounts that the wood was part of the True Cross that Jesus was crucified on.

Radical religious leader Edward Laygass wants to find the Cross to strengthen his plan to drive out other faiths, and it’s soon clear that he and his followers will go to any lengths — including murder — to get what they want.

Written by Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes creators, Bonekickers follows a team of intrepid archeologists who unearth not only relics but secrets too.

Here’s the trailer for this BBC show which is coming soon to PRIME.

Saw the first episode and it really grew on me. It’s a mix of history, mystery and archaeology. Each episode looks to be quite different but the first one had a religious theme, the second a political one.