This is somewhat good news but does this mean that TVNZ have missed out entirely?

SKY Television has secured a content package deal with 20th Century Fox Television which will see a range of content screen across the network’s channels, both pay and free-to-air.

SKY’s Director of Programming, Travis Dunbar, says the deal will put an end to Kiwi viewers’ speculation on how they can catch up with their favourite FOX series.

“We are excited to give critically acclaimed series Homeland, The Americans and American Horror Story a home on SoHo, SKY’s premium drama channel.  These dramas are made for US pay networks to screen un-cut and uninterrupted and in a prime time slot – making them perfect to include in our SoHo schedule.”  Continue reading »

ladygagasimpsonsThe pursuit of an output deal with Fox has come to and end for Mediaworks ahead of its sale to the new company tomorrow meaning that hit shows Bones, Modern Family and The Simpsons will be gone from the lineup.

While this isn’t ideal for Mediaworks, the output deal they were after that would allow them to pick and choose the shows they wanted, may end up becoming a reality for the new company which it is understood are now negotiating for the same arrangement.  That is unless Sky decides to cement their dominance on content and takes Fox’s entire package.  It would be great for Prime, but not so much for Mediaworks. Continue reading »

O’Quinn returning to Hawaii Five-0

Terry O’Quinn will return to Hawaii Five-0 for an episode later this season, reprising his role as Joe White. The former Lost actor previously played the character in ten episodes of the series.

Ninth Bones season not the last

The newly-announced ninth season of Bones has not been planned as its last according to Fox’s chairman of entertainment Kevin Reilly. He believes that the show will continue beyond the upcoming season and that the network is willing to see where it goes. Continue reading »



8:30pm – Thursday, January 17 on TV 3

Three months after the events of last season’s finale, this week sees the Jeffersonian team reunited in the Bones season eight premiere, screening on Thursday, January 17 th at 8:30pm on 3.

Displaced and uneasy, as a result of Brennan (Emily Deschanel) going into hiding after being framed for murder, this week’s season premiere, titled “The Future In The Past” finds the Jeffersonian crew close to figuring out a way to bring her back into the fold.

As Angela (Michaela Conlin) works to prove the incriminating security footage of Brennan was fabricated, it’s Booth (David Boreanaz) who has to track down his partner and their infant daughter.

“At the end of last season, we just wanted to blow that apart, that everyone was kind of comfortable,” Bones show-runner Stephen Nathan explains.

“This season is going to be trying to repair what was blown apart. It’s going to be a little darker, a little bit bleaker in parts.”

Make sure not to miss this when Booth and Brennan reunite for the first time in three months in the Bones season eight premiere, screening on Thursday, January 17 th at 8:30pm on 3.

Breaking Bad actor joins Parks and Recreation

Breaking Bad actor Jonathan Banks has joined the cast of Parks and Recreation. Banks will play the father of Ben (Adam Scott) in the show’s fifth season.

New monster pilot being produced

Gossip Girl execs Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage have teamed up with Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke for a new pilot that was written by acclaimed writer Bret Easton Ellis. Entitled Copeland Prep, the pilot will focus on a high school where the students are being transformed into monsters. Continue reading »

Ricci to guest on The Good Wife

Christina Ricci will reportedly make a guest appearance in The Good Wife’s fourth season. “More casting from #thegoodwife! Christina Ricci will guest star as a controversial comedienne needing Lockhart/Gardner’s help,” the official CBS Twitter feed said.

De Niro making Good Shepherd TV series

Robert De Niro is developing a TV based on his 2006 film The Good Shepherd. The film centred on the birth of counter-intelligence in the CIA. Continue reading »



8:30pm – Thursday, August 2 on TV 3

It’ll be an explosive ending when the so-called “hacktivist” returns to Bones for the seventh season finale, screening on Thursday, August 2nd at 8:30pm on 3.

Series stars David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel have hinted that a main character could be killed off in the season finale.

The pair, who play Booth and Brennan, reveal that the return of serial killer Christopher Pellant (Andrew Leeds), aka the “hacktivist” will increase the sense of jeopardy as season seven comes to a close.

“He’s really going to make an impact somehow,” Boreanaz explains. “I do know that it’ll be pretty dangerous, and it’ll be detrimental to both [Booth and Brennan], and someone may not survive.”

“It changes things for Brennan, Booth and their child in a way that they’ll probably never be the same,” says Deschanel.

“This one’s a shocker,” adds Tamara Taylor, who portrays Dr. Camille Saroyan on the series. “I don’t want to hype it too much but it’s more of a shocker than we usually do.”

“It’s an interesting, delicious combination [of relationship and murder mystery]. I think it’s probably one of my favourite season finales. Very emotional.

Make sure not to miss this when Bones concludes its seventh season on Thursday, August 2nd at 8:30pm on 3.



8:30pm – Thursday, June 21 on TV 3

The Bones baby is here! Returning will all new episodes, this week sees Bones welcoming a new character when Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz) become parents on Thursday, June 21 st at 8:30pm on 3.

But despite the significance of this week’s episode, Bones executive producer Stephen Nathan says that the series will still stay true to its roots following the arrival of it’s central characters’ baby. “There’s always been that balancing act in the show of their personal life and the cases, but we’re a murder show,” Nathan explains to American TV Guide.

“So, the baby will be a part of the show, because it’s a part of their lives. But somebody is still going to be murdered in a heinous and cruel way… The balance won’t change, but the context will.” Bones creator Hart Hanson also reveals that Brennan will struggle to adapt to motherhood and find her new status “very disorienting” at first.

“We’ve always seen Brennan as a character who… did not want to engage with life or had to be protected by a veneer of rationality and logic and science,” he says.

“Now she has a child… Her happiness is contingent upon another person’s happiness… So, she is now a big open bruise because of another human being and she will find that very disorienting.” Nathan has also said that he wants to give other Bones characters more extensive arcs in the show’s recentlyannounced eighth season. In the meantime, make sure not to miss your first introduction to the Bones baby when the series return to our screens on Thursday, June 21 st at 8:30pm on 3.