Trailer: Boom

boom_key_imageIt sounds like it could be a Japanese game show but if this story had come out on the first of April I would have been seriously skeptical as to its believability.  A popular Israeli game show series is heading to the U.S. after Fox picked up the rights to produce Boom!

Part action movie and part traditional quiz show, Boom! pits four contestants racing against the clock to diffuse replica bombs by answering trivia questions. Each player cuts through coloured wires that represent multiple choice answers, while viewers at home can play along with an interactive component.

We’re talking about a country that is in a region that regularly has people strap bombs to themselves for the very purpose of locating a populated area and detonating it for the purposes of killing as many people as possible.  As if the threat of this wasn’t enough to incite a little fear, it’s also used as a method of entertainment? Continue reading »