Border Force

9:30pm Thursday, October 22 on Prime

Reality Series

The Bristol Enforcement Team have information that there are Brazilians masquerading as Portuguese working at a Bingo Hall in Yeovil. They find one woman who says she’s Portuguese, although her name and date of birth matches that of a Brazilian woman who entered the country. The team travel to her home to try and find her passport to prove her nationality. After much searching the passport is still not recovered – is the missing passport the only thing stopping her from being deported?

8:30pm Thursday, October 15 on Prime

Documentary Series

A routine passport control check with Immigration Officer Steve Hassler turns into a marathon investigation. A ‘student’ from Pakistan fails to convince Hassler that he is in the UK to study.

Spanning two days, the Immigration Officers discover that the ‘student’ is a taxi driver with a wife and 2 children, living in Luton. Subsequently he is refused entry to Britain. But will an appeal allow the man to stay in the UK?