Border Security USA

7:30pm Thursday, March 25 on Prime

Reality Series

Tonight on Border Security the Coast Guard and the Puerto Rican police pursue two men transporting suspicious bundles in a high-speed chase over open seas. Meanwhile, agents stake out a motel in Roseau, MN after three people try to bribe a local convenience store clerk to sneak them across the border. In Miami Bay, a young and reckless jet skier endangers a protected species, while a mother traveling with her two kids across the San Ysidro border in the dead of night is caught smuggling a stranger in the backseat of her minivan. Dutch citizen Van Der Eem, recently noted for his assistance in the Natalie Holloway case, has arrived at JFK ready for TV interviews, but his sordid past has come back to haunt him. Catch this and much more on tonight’s thrilling episode of Border Security USA.

7:30pm Thursday, March 18 on Prime

Reality Series

At Chicago O’Hare Airport, officers await the arrival of a wanted sex offender. After a narcotics dog alerts on a camper trailer in Falfurrias, Texas, the driver is one “unhappy camper.” In Buffalo, a young Canadian woman wants to bring her unique sense of style across the border, but officers worry that may not be all she’s planning. Along the Mexican border in Imperial Beach, agents stakeout “Smuggler’s Gulch”, a well-known spot for illegal smuggling operations, and bust an intricate plot. At the nation’s busiest Port of Entry in San Ysidro, a man puts his life on the line trying to sneak across the border. San Bernardino ICE agents trail a fugitive evading deportation orders and uncover a case of identity theft. And in New Orleans, ICE agents bust a flea market full of counterfeit goods.

Thursday 11th March 7.30pm

Reality Series

In tonight’s episode, two Iraqi nationals attempting to enter the US from Canada with suspicious agendas, share eerily similar histories, yet claim not to know each other, a drug dog in El Paso sniffs out a family SUV packed with more than just vacation luggage and a student with too much time on his hands uses his academic wits to try and outsmart the Transportation Security Administration at Pittsburgh Airport.

7:30pm Thursday, March 4 on Prime

Reality Series

In tonight’s episode, US Customs and Border Protection and the Coast Guard’s rescue skills are put to the test when a small boat carrying 93 migrants from the Dominican Republic loses engine power and is stranded on the high seas. Meanwhile, lies are the name of the game at Detroit Airport when a couple headed to Dubai are found to be carrying enormous sums of cash. And an officer at the San Francisco Mail Center is shocked by the grisly contents of a package and a flirtatious woman recovering from a tummy tuck uses her sex appeal to charm an officer at Boston Airport.

7:30pm Thursday, February 25 on Prime

Reality Series

Drawn guns, drug loads, terrorist ties and human smuggling – welcome to Prime’s new series of Border Security USA. The officers who make up the United States Department of Homeland Security patrol more than 160,000km of America’s borders, including airports, seaports, land borders, international mail centres, the open seas, mountains, deserts and cyberspace – this new series takes an unprecedented look at the work they do.

In tonight’s first episode, officers rip apart a truck to get to its illegal contents at the San Ysidro border crossing, dividing the United States and Mexico in San Diego, California. Meanwhile, a few lanes over, guns are drawn when a suspected armed and dangerous man tries to cross the border into the United States.

At LAX (Los Angeles airport), a Swiss woman with an unusual occupation gives officers cause to question her intentions in the US and a man with a fake ID prompts an investigation into his possible terrorist and narcotics ties. Officers find dangerous drugs hidden inside innocent children’s toys at a mail centre in Carson, California, and a Search and Rescue Mission is underway to find people entering the US through the dangerously hot and vast Sonoran desert – will they find any illegal immigrants?