Here’s all the TV shows I’ve been watching lately:  


From the makers of 24, this is a much more grown up version of the same themes of terrorism and politics.  Clare Danes is outstanding and Damian Lewis is such a fascinating character.  I love the character intricacies, the unexpected twists and the endless guessing games as to what’s going on.  Love this show. 


This is a pretty dark and dirty political drama starring Kelsey Grammar as the mayor of Chicago.  I enjoyed this much more than The Wire, but it had a similar feel to it.  I love the politics of the relationships between the characters: they are all so flawed and messed up individuals but you want them to not give up on each other.  A warning: after watching this, you end up being very suspicious of all other real-life politics.  


A fantastic weekly soap which I can’t imagine doing well plot-wise after one or two seasons, but I’m going to enjoy every episode of it until then. Emily VanCamp and Madeleine Stowe play two very strong female leads which you can’t help but love and love to hate respectively.  This is in the genre of Gossip Girl and The O.C. with their the rich, beautiful and unhappy families but with the added fun of seeing the high and mighty brought down to earth with a nasty thud each week.  I’m just waiting for the tables to be turned on the revenger…  


I loved last season of Survivor (religious manipulation much!).  I hadn’t watched much of Survivor for many, many years (I think the last one I got hooked on was Survivor Australia!) so tuned into this season as well.  The male/female split has only made me embarrassed for the women involved, but I haven’t yet got as interested in the characters like I did early on last season but it is only the start of the season.  


Not as into it lately with the cast changes, but Gregory House is still one of the best characters on TV.  

Go Girls

Gotta love the bubbly zany fun characters and such a strong talented core cast.  I also love all the attention to detail in the scene changes and the music. 

Masterchef NZ

I’m always a little bored at the start of the show, but can’t wait for the regular weekly eliminations to start and getting to know the contestants more.  

Home and Away

Yes, yes.  It’s my little bit of regular soap escapism.  Normally I listen to it while I’m working away in the evening.