Bounty Girls

CRIME & INVESTIGATION – Sundays from 3 August, 7.30pm

We’ve got four tough, smart and beautiful Miami babes who know how to use their signature style and skill to take down fugitives. In every episode, watch as real-life bounty hunters Jag, Clyde, Jade and Gloria of Sunshine State Bail Bonds stop at nothing to track and apprehend some of Miami’s most dangerous fugitives. By canvassing the fugitive’s neighbourhood, asking questions and conducting surveillance, they take account of many factors: why did the criminal skip bail, what is the criminal offense, what is the criminal’s background, might the criminal be armed and dangerous? The stakes are high. The Bounty Girls and Sunshine State work hard and live dangerously to earn their pay. Not only are they fighting for their livelihood, but they are also fighting for their lives.