New Year’s Eve, Wednesday 31 December, 9.30pm

Follow a group of millionaire playboys as they party hard by night and burn rubber by day in an exclusive motor rally across Eastern Europe. Watch as each stage unfolds and the mishaps pile up, as the rally’s key players drive a collection of luxurious supercars in a gruelling 2000 mile road trip from Vienna to Venice, ably supported by a bevy of sexy support girls. Showcasing the exclusive lives of those living in the fast lane, catch a unique glimpse into the world of wealth and luxury with a look at how these millionaires made their fortunes – including Kiwi entrepreneur Richard MacDonald, hailing from Christchurch and driving a Ferrari F40. From the debauchery of the London launch party to gritty hangovers, police troubles and passport dramas, Carbon Black Millionaire’s Club invites you into the dazzling world of a playboy paradise.