Brainiac: Science Abuse

1:00pm Saturday, February 13 on TV2

Mad-cap science show, Brainiac: Science Abuse returns with a new series, this week on TV2.

Surreal comedian Vic Reeves presents the show, along with resident geek Jon Tickle, who provides the scientific explanations. This week, in ‘Stuff NASA Never Tried’, Vic launches a portaloo high into the sky with the help of some very powerful rockets. Elsewhere, in the first instalment of ‘Stars in Their Caravans’, will Abi Titmuss or Danielle Lloyd manage to escape their caravan and blow it up?

Other tests undertaken in today’s premiere episode investigate whether you can still perform magic while receiving electric shocks; what the worst place to be stung by a nettle is; and Vic and Jon find out what makes the biggest fireball.