TVNZ’s Breakfast team farewell Toni Street, who is leaving for Seven Sharp, in this heartwarming video.

Watch the video here

TVNZ’s Breakfast Team perform this ‘cheesy’ rendition of the Cliff Richard classic Christmas song, Mistletoe and Wine.

Watch the video here

My only question – Where was Peter Williams?


I missed this last week while I was away but Channel Ten in Australia are getting back into the early morning television market again after they canned Paul Henry’s Breakfast.

Network Ten today announced its new breakfast program, Wake Up , will be hosted by Natarsha Belling, James Mathison and Natasha Exelby, with Nuala Hafner as news presenter.

Wake Up will launch later this year and will be broadcast live every weekday morning from Surf City, Manly, Australia. Continue reading »

This is perhaps the best celebrity weather cameo ever.

TV One’s Breakfast today enlisted Tenacious D duo Jack Black and Kyle Glass to present the morning weather report and they didn’t disappoint.

Watching foreigners trying and pronounce Maori place names first time around is entertaining at the best of times but Black takes it to a whole new level.

TVNZ’s Breakfast confirmed this morning that Rachel Hunter is due to appear on the show on Monday with an announcement.

Does this suggest that she will be announcing a return to New Zealand’s Got Talent for its second season this year?

Is this a good thing?


Looks like Sir Graham Henry has found his new calling.

On second thought, maybe not.

Both TV One and TV3 are sticking with breaking news coverage of the explosions at the Boston Marathon this morning.

Breakfast has scrapped its planned schedule with Rawdon Christie and Toni Street presenting coverage. Rawdon Christie has tweeted saying TV One will be staying with live coverage past 9am.

TV3 has rolling coverage hosted by Rachel Smalley, with pictures from the Fox News feed.

Amanda Gillies just tweeted confirming that TV3 will continue its coverage through until at least 9.30am. Continue reading »

Coronation Street’s William Roache takes in a bit of cricket at Eden Park this afternoon. Continue reading »

BrayRoacheCoronation Street’s William Roache talked to TV One’s Breakfast this morning, saying he didn’t want to justify the comments he made to

Garth Bray during their Sunday interview.

“If you try and justify the other side will come back. It was upsetting but it’s over and done with, so we can put it behind us,” he said.

He believes he was misunderstood with his comments.

“If somebody doesn’t understand what you’re saying and puts it in their own words, it’s a distortion. And that is what has happened,” he said. Continue reading »