Breaking Bad

Was Walter White’s garage door opener machine gun legit? Could it have worked? Mythbusters find out.

This is simply superb.


It’s generally the British way to stop before the series jumps the shark while the US producers try to keep the cash cow going until it starts bleeding red ink.   Fans of Breaking Bad were given hope however, that the series would return for one more season.

Sadly wanting something to happen isn’t enough to make it a reality, so hold your horses before jumping on that Breaking Badseries 6 bandwagon.

Empire News has claimed that the Emmy-Award winning show is to return and published “quotes” from creator Vince Gilligan and star Bryan Cranston to “verify” their report.

Sorry, but it’s a hoax. The article on the satirical site, available here, which claims that Walter White (Cranston) did not actually die at the end of series 5, is uncannily similar to one published by The National Report back in August. Continue reading »

A close race this year is the Outstanding Drama race. This year the nominees are

Outstanding Drama Series – Channel it screens in NZ in brackets

Breaking Bad (SOHO)

Downton Abbey (Prime)

Game Of Thrones (SOHO)

House Of Cards (TV3)

Mad Men (SOHO)

True Detective (SOHO) Continue reading »

breaking-bad-saulThere must be a lot of confidence at AMC over the prequel for Breaking Bad as the network has already signed on for a second 13 episode season before Better Call Saul has even debuted on screens.

The series was originally supposed to premiere in November, but has been pushed back to early 2015, so we’ll have to wait a little longer to see everyone’s favorite crooked television attorney, which AMC swears is only because they really want to get the show right.. Continue reading »

This is uncanny.

This is hilarious.