Breaking Bad

WalterWhiteHe may be called “Chemistry Enthusiast” for trademark reasons but this Lego figurine is Walter White all the way.

The Citizen Brick company, which specialises in customised (and unlicensed) Lego pieces, has created this little guy based on the Breaking Bad character played by Bryan Cranston.

The company says they don’t fear the legal wrath of Lego or Breaking Bad’s network AMC as they think both corporations will appreciate that it is merely a “fans tribute”. Continue reading »

Here is the full list of nominees in the TV categories for the 70th Annual Golden Globes, to be held on January 13, 2013. Continue reading »

10:30pm – Thursday, October 4 on FOUR

It all comes down to this, the explosive (literally) Breaking Bad season four finale screens on Thursday, October 4 th at 10:30pm on FOUR. After Gus (Giancarlo Esposito) threatened Walt (Bryan Cranston) and his family on last week’s Breaking Bad, Walt decides it’s time to make sure Skyler (Anna Gunn), Junior (RJ Mitte) and Holly are safely ensconced at Hank’s house.

“I’m not going. I’m not going to Hank and Marie’s. I’m not going anywhere,” Walt tells Skyler in his week’s finale.

“All that matters is that the rest of you are safe. And that’s why I’m not going with you. I’m the real target.”

So what’s his plan? Find out when Breaking Bad concludes its fourth season on Thursday, October 4 th at 10:30pm on FOUR.

Breaking Bad actor joins Parks and Recreation

Breaking Bad actor Jonathan Banks has joined the cast of Parks and Recreation. Banks will play the father of Ben (Adam Scott) in the show’s fifth season.

New monster pilot being produced

Gossip Girl execs Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage have teamed up with Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke for a new pilot that was written by acclaimed writer Bret Easton Ellis. Entitled Copeland Prep, the pilot will focus on a high school where the students are being transformed into monsters. Continue reading »

Perry rules out Friends reunion

Former Friends actor Matthew Perry has said that there are no plans for a Friends cast reunion anytime soon. “I think it’s a bit of a case of ‘the book is better than the movie’”, he said.

New pilot from Breaking Bad exec

Breaking Bad executive Mark Johnson has teamed up with director Michael Mann for a new HBO pilot. Buda Bridge is set in Belgium and focusses on how a woman’s death leads to strange occurrences and crime in the city of Brussels. Continue reading »

Next Underbelly to be set in Melbourne

The next season of Aussie crime drama Underbelly will be set in Melbourne and based around the infamous early 1900’s gangster Squizzy Taylor.

No Breaking Bad movie any time soon

Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan has played down talk of a movie spin-off, saying it is unlikely to happen any time soon. “If we’ve got enough story left over for a movie then, then who am I to say no?” he said. “But I can tell you it’s not on my mind in the least little way at the moment.” Continue reading »

Cusack and Broderick turned down Breaking Bad role

John Cusack and Matthew Broderick both turned down the role of Walter White in the critically-acclaimed series Breaking Bad before the role eventually went to Bryan Cranston. Cranston has since won three Emmys, two Golden Globes and a SAG Award for the role.

Charles added to Grey’s cast

Grey’s Anatomy has added Friday Night Lights actor Gaius Charles to its cast for the new season. The actor will play take on a recurring role. Continue reading »

10:30pm – Thursday, July 12 on FOUR

Entering its latest season, this week sees Walt (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse (Aaron Paul) confronted by the lifethreatening consequences of their actions in the Breaking Bad season four premiere, screening on Thursday, July 12 th at 10:30pm on FOUR. The series’ new season picks up from season three’s cliff-hanger, which saw Walt sending Jesse to murder Gus’ backup chemist, Gale (David Costabile).

“Season four has been masterfully written by [series creator] Vince Gilligan and his writing staff,” Bryan Cranston reveals about what fans can expect. “To churn out the agony and the ecstasy of these characters? It’s like a well-crafted tragedy.”

“It keeps getting tighter and tighter,” Cranston continues. “This life that Walter White has chosen is fraught with complications and tension. And its so exciting to watch it all play out.”

But nothing in the world of Breaking Bad is certain, and Cranston says season four could see anything happen, including the death of some characters.

“There is always a chance that someone may not make it,” Cranston reveals. “Without giving away too many details, there is a character on our show that will not survive the first episode. How about that for a teaser?” Just who could this be? And what consequences will this have on Walt and Jesse’s business?

Find out when Breaking Bad enters its unmissable fourth season on Thursday, July 12 th at 10:30pm on FOUR.

Breaking Bad movie a “possibility”

Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston has suggested that a movie adaptation is a possibility for the series. “It’s not far-fetched,” Cranston said. “I wouldn’t mind visiting that possibility and this is coming from a guy who doesn’t know anything of how the show’s going to end.”

Sheen planning to retire

Charlie Sheen has said he plans to retire after finishing his upcoming sitcom Anger Management. He said the series will be his “swan song”. Continue reading »