Brian Edwards

fairgologoThere have been plenty of complaints about Fair Go recently, particularly from former host of the TVNZ consumer affairs program, Brian Edwards. This morning I noticed that there has also been a Facebook group set up to help the victims of the show.  Their purpose is:

to unite as many people as possible who have been harassed and intimidated by TVNZ and its reporters from the ‘Fair Go’. For people to share their experiences, and to collate as much information about the shows malpractices and dubious reporting methods as possible. Once we have enough people, we will be able to directly address or grievances with the appropriate regulatory bodies, government officials, and government organisations that are supposed to be there to protect EVERyONE. So please feel free to join and share your experiences the more people we have the more impact our plea will have in stopping this shows bully tactics and force TVNZ to come out from hiding behind its powerful and intimidating legal teams.

Meanwhile, Brian Edwards offers some recommendations about what to do if someone from the program contacts you.

It’s time to even the odds for the victims of Fair Go.

So here is some free advice to anyone contacted by a Fair Go reporter: Continue reading »