VIBE – Saturdays from 2 June, 7.30pm

“It’s my day, it’s my way, if you don’t like it – there’s the door.”

With more weaves, cake tastings, crying women and tantrums than you can shake a bouquet at, Bridezillas is back and bigger than ever. This season there are catastrophes happening left, right and centre – Gloria demands a discount on her dress as there stains on it (albeit, invisible to everyone else), Tasha is outdone by her Male of Honour Travis, who is more focused on finding his own dress, and Angel accuses her husband of infidelity… at the wedding reception.

VIBE – Weeknights from 8 February, 7.30pm

Engaged. Enraged. About to be committed.

As wedding season in NZ kicks into high gear, Vibe provides a light-hearted look at what not to do when you get married. More fairytales become nightmares as brides-to-be turn into matrimonial monsters, going from sweet to certifiable while planning the wedding of their dreams. Tune in to watch what can happen to a woman somewhere between “will you marry me” and “I do.”

VIBE – Tuesdays from 6 January, 8.30pm

Engaged. Enraged. About to be committed.

What happens when ordinary women find themselves in the grip of extraordinary pre-wedding stress? Fairytales become nightmares as brides-to-be turn into matrimonial monsters, going from sweet to certifiable while planning the wedding of their dreams. This season, experience a first in Bridezilla history when a bride is left standing at the altar when her crazy family pushes her groom-to-be too far!  Tune into Vibe for bitchier brides, more lavish weddings and further shocks in store on the big Bridezilla day.

Thursday 11th September 9.30pm

Meet 31 year-old bride Phebie Shehata, and her grouchy groom, Nick. This feuding couple are planning a wedding for New Year’s Eve in Nick’s hometown, at Nick’s church, with Nick’s family, who, incidentally, aren’t crazy about his loud-mouthed bride.

Meanwhile, we catch up with anything-but-ordinary Athena and Atom, one year after their first wedding was cancelled. They’re doing it all over again, complete with fire spinners, stilt-walkers, and a spooky fairy-tale theme sure to give goose bumps in the wildest wedding in Bridezilla history!

A last-minute wedding is proving to be a headache for one bride who is determined to make it up the aisle the second time around.

Bride-to-be Chris Kinlaw is a southern hairdresser who had to cancel her wedding a few weeks ago, and now is attempting to redo it all in one week. She might hit a few snags, however, especially since the bride’s dress is too big and she hasn’t had it altered yet. Meanwhile, Gina Lombardo takes a trip off the deep end in the final few days before her wedding.

Friday 7th March at 8.30pm on Prime

Two more grooms feel the fury of their future wives’ tempers.

Queen Melishia’s wedding day is marred by a leaky roof, which threatens to unravel this Bridezilla’s icy exterior. Once she’s stopped hyperventilating, she manages to spew venom on anyone and everyone in her path. Meanwhile, bride-to-be, Gina Lombardo, is at odds with her southern gentleman over just about everything. A fight over the seating chart drives Gina over the edge and lands her fiancé out on the sidewalk.

Friday 29th February at 8.30pm on Prime

A gas-pumping bride-to-be goes full throttle before her big day. Meanwhile another bride waits anxiously for life-changing results.

Queen Melishia goes into a battle with the maintenance men at her venue just before her rehearsal. Meanwhile, Suzanne Montijo prepares to marry her high school sweetie, but only if she passes her bar exam. The results come in just as she’s about to leave for her wedding.

Friday 22nd February at 8.30pm on Prime



A church co-ordinator gets one bride into a lather while another bride has a major falling out with her bridesmaid.
Starlet-in-training and Barbie look-a-like Danika Quinn gets melodramatic when it comes to her big day. Her nemesis? The church coordinator. Danika throws fits over confetti and “Jesus loves the little children” hanging on the church wall. Bridezilla Stephanie Kinsey is up to her usual antics, and more when she has a major meltdown over having to reschedule a meeting resulting in threats of violence. Then Stephanie gets into an argument with her cousin/bridesmaid that does not end well

BRIDEZILLAS, Friday 8th February at 8.30pm



Two more brides-to-be go into matrimonial meltdown.
When Tasha’s wedding day is marred by missing ties, late bridesmaids, a fight with her sister, missing guests and a thousand delays, this Bridezilla does not take it in stride. Meanwhile, we meet 23-year-old Stephanie Kinsey, an unapologetically materialistic and self-absorbed bride-to-be with a hair-trigger temper and an unusual obsession.
BRIDEZILLAS, Friday 1st February at 8.30pm



Two feuding sisters threaten to turn a wedding day into a matrimonial nightmare while another Bridezilla’s wedding plans hits rocky water.
We continue our journey with 26-year-old Tasha Foster who is suffering from a severe case of sibling rivalry. When push comes to shove, Tasha’s sister better watch out because this Bridezilla isn’t afraid to get hands-on. Meanwhile, 42-year-old Denise Smith is having her wedding aboard a yacht, but if she doesn’t get her attitude in check she might wind up overboard.
BRIDEZILLAS, Friday 25th January at 8.30pm