Brighton Beach Patrol

CRIME & INVESTIGATION – Wednesdays from 7 September, 8.30pm

This series follows the work of the police, lifeguards and coastguard who patrol Brighton’s world-famous beach. Every summer, eight million people descend on Brighton as the city’s population doubles in size during the holiday season. The big draw is the world-famous beach, one of Britain’s most iconic seaside destinations. Filmed throughout the summer of 2009, this new series follows the emergency services on land and sea, day and night, as they work to ensure that holidaymakers’ good times do not end in disaster.


CRIME & INVESTIGATION – Wednesday 7 September, 9.30pm

Natalee Holloway’s story involves a sudden and tragic disappearance, a missing body and a lack of concrete evidence. Further, an over zealous American media may have obstructed the judicial process. Five years after Natalee disappeared, Joran van der Sloot, the main suspect in Natalee’s case was suspected of murdering a young woman in Peru. Could her death lead to answers about Natalee?