Bringing Up Baby

LIVING CHANNEL – Tuesdays from 4 August, 8.30pm

Have you ever raised your eyebrows at some families’ methods of bringing up their children? For the past 100 years, new parents have been bombarded with volumes of highly specific – and contradictory- advice on how to care for their little bundles of joy. In this brand new series, three popular parenting techniques are trialled by six families with newborns. The parents decide which method best suits their lifestyles; the 1950s way of showing the baby who’s boss so it doesn’t dictate the lives’ of its parents, the 1960s techniques of showering the baby with love and giving it all it wants, or the 1970s method of nurturing a bond with the baby by having it sleep in the same bed as its mother. Every decision the parents make must come directly from the parenting manual. Will one technique prove to be more beneficial for a baby’s development, or are parents better off just using their instincts?